Kixie's HubSpot Integration: Configuration and Behavior Kixie's HubSpot Integration: Configuration and Behavior

Kixie's HubSpot Integration: Configuration and Behavior

Jason Miani Jason Miani

Minimum HubSpot Requirements: 

  • You have a HubSpot account (trial or paid)
  • You are using Contacts, not just Companies
    • if you are using Companies exclusively, see here
  • Your phone numbers are stored in the default HubSpot Contact "phone number" and/or "mobile phone number" fields

Integration Setup Checklist:

  • At least one Kixie manager/admin needs to connect their Kixie account with their HubSpot Superadmin account, before any other Kixie users will be able to successfully connect to HubSpot
  • Kixie manager/admins must be HubSpot Superadmin, and Kixie regular users must be HubSpot regular users, in order to connect their Kixie to HubSpot
    • You can always temporarily edit a Kixie manager into a Kixie user inside their Kixie agent profile->edit (or vice versa), connect the CRM, then change them back, in order to work around this 

Optional but Recommended:

  • Configure your HubSpot Call Outcomes and Call Types w/ Kixie
  • Enable/Disable "Create Contacts" 
    • When you call or receive a call from a number that's not associated with a person in HubSpot, Kixie will create a hubSpot contact automatically. It is enabled by default.
      • Choose your preference inside>Manage->Account->Create Contacts
  • Embed the Kixie Call Reporting Dashboard inside of HubSpot
  • Enable HubSpot Call Transcriptions w/ Kixie
  • Using Custom Phone Fields?
  • Review Kixie-HubSpot best practices

How the Integration Works:

Kixie Syncs Activities at the Lead/Contact level:

  • Phone Call Activities will log as "Calls", along with the Call Outcome and/or Call Type that is chosen via the Kixie PowerCall.


  • SMS Activities will log as completed "Tasks".


DirectSync vs. Manual-Search Sync

  1. DirectSync For click-to-calls () to a contact from inside a contact’s page, from a contact list-view, from inside your Task Queue, or from inside the Deal page, Kixie will sync the call directly to that specific contact. 
  2. Manual-Search Sync For all other phone calls and SMS messages that are made or received in any other way, Kixie will have to search through your HubSpot and sync the activity to the most recently-created contact with that phone number.

Syncing Activities to Companies and Deals:

Once an activity is synced to a Contact, Kixie will also sync the same call and sms activities that it synced to the Contact over to the associated Company and all associated Deals.


The Kixie PowerCall®

The Kixie PowerCall functions as an enhanced, HubSpot-driven caller ID, as well as a shortcut into HubSpot.

  1. HubSpot-driven Caller ID: View the HubSpot Contact that's calling you, and click to open their contact page in a new tab
  2. Edit the HubSpot Contact’s basic information while you're on a call, like name and email address
  3. Log a Call Outcome and/or Call Type with notes 
  4. Schedule a future Call Activity with the HubSpot Contact

Automatic Open Call Task Completion  

For all the calls you make, Kixie will look for the oldest call task on the contact you're calling, and mark it as complete once the call is over. More details on this here.


Auto-SMS and Auto-Call out of HubSpot Workflows

  • Auto-SMS: sending an auto-SMS through the HubSpot contact owner to the HubSpot contact's phone number
  • Auto-Call: sending a call to the Kixie PowerCall dialer of the HubSpot contact owner with a Display Name message that gives them context that it's an auto-call (i.e. "Email Opened Auto-Call"), and upon the rep's acceptance of this call, triggering a call out to the HubSpot contact's phone number. The rep will see the HubSpot contact info in their Kixie PowerCall
  • See here for a detailed demonstration and best use cases for Auto-SMS and Auto-Call

More Helpful Resources

  • For Kixie-HubSpot Best Practices, see here!
  • For additional helpful resources related to Kixie-HubSpot, see here


  • For further assistance with Kixie's HubSpot Integration:
    • log in and chat with us on or
    • email

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