HubSpot Workflows: Using a Recent Incoming Call to Trigger or Stop a HubSpot Workflow

Daniel Lovig Daniel Lovig

You can trigger a HubSpot workflow or set a HubSpot workflow Goal based on a recent incoming call from your HubSpot Contacts.



Set up your Active List

1. Create an Active List in HubSpot to capture your Contacts who recently texted your Kixie numbers. You can call this list something like "Recent Incoming Call," to make things easier.

Using Active lists in HubSpot grants more flexibility to HubSpot users than trying to build the same filters in HubSpot Workflows enrollment triggers and goals. 

Since Kixie logs call as native HubSpot Call Activities, the calls you receive from your HubSpot Contacts will automatically work using HubSpot's own functionality.

2. Apply the following filters to your Active list then hit Save:

At least one associated Activity has all of:

  • Call Status is any of Completed, Busy, Missed or No Answer
  • Call Direction is any of Inbound
  • Create date is less than 1 day ago (this will include any Contact who has called within the last day, after which they will automatically drop off the list).


Using your Active List as a Workflow Trigger

1. Create a Contact-based Workflow from scratch.

2. Set your enrollment trigger by selecting "List memberships" > Select your Active List

3. Select "is member of list" and click "Apply filter" and "Save"

4. If you want this workflow to run every time a new incoming call is received on Kixie, go to Re-enrollment and check the box next to "is member of [Active List name]"

Using Your Active List as a Workflow Goal

1. Go to the Goals section of your Contact-based Workflow and click "set goal"

2. Click on "List memberships" and select your Active list from earlier

3. Check the box next to "is member of list" and click "Apply filter" and "Save"

Use Cases:

Remove a Contact from your latest Calling Campaign

When using HubSpot workflows to call contacts and email drip campaigns, you can use the above process to remove your contact from your workflow when they call you back in your campaign. 

You could also use the workflow goal "Activity properties > Call Direction > is any of inbound" to achieve the same goal without creating an Active list, but if your contact has ever called prior to enrolling in the workflow, they would automatically meet this goal criteria even though they didn't call in response to your latest calling campaign.

The Active list method outlined in this article allows you to unenroll a contact only if they called you recently, instead of at any point in the past.

Re-enroll Contacts into a Workflow

You can use the workflow trigger "Activity properties > Call Direction > is any of inbound" to enroll your Contacts into a workflow, but you can only do this once because Activity properties are not eligible for re-enrollment. Using the list methodology will allow for re-enrollment into your workflow.