Kixie-HubSpot Intro and Best Practices (with Video Demo)

Beaujean Betouliere Beaujean Betouliere

Video Walkthrough

Best Practices and other Helpful Hints + Links

Preview Dialing (Dialing Numbers out of a List-View)

  1. Create a filtered list-view in Hubspot, and position your Kixie PowerCall Dialer off to the right-hand side of your Hubspot browser window.
  2. Click-to-call using the red icon, to automatically call a given contact in the list.
  3. Once the call is placed, from within Kixie PowerCall Dialer, you can:

Using HubSpot Call Outcomes or Call Types to Trigger Workflows

Call Outcomes and/or Call Types can be used to trigger a corresponding HubSpot workflow (i.e. when a rep logs a certain Call Type, the HubSpot workflow will automatically send out a certain email). 

  • See here for a workflow automation example where logging a Call Type of "Left Voicemail - Send Demo Email" will automatically send out a specific post-demo email.
  • See here with regard to syncing your Hubspot account's call outcomes and call types w/ Kixie

Using HubSpot Workflows to Trigger Auto-Calls and Auto-SMS

  • You can build a workflow that triggers an automatic call to select reps, i.e. when a lead opens a marketing email.
  • More info on best use cases and setup instructions here.

Task-Queue Dialing

In Hubspot task queue, users can make a call with Kixie and move on to the next task. We automatically complete the oldest open call task. Steps are as follows:

  1. Add tasks to queue
  2. Make a call using the Kixie PowerCall dialer
  3. *task is marked as complete*
  4. Hit Skip. You don't even need to refresh the page & press "Next"

For information on how Kixie syncs activities with HubSpot, click here.