In many cases, echo occurs when a party hears themself through another person’s microphone or vice versa. 


Typically, echo is caused by a feedback loop through your headset. It can also be caused by high latency/network issues which may have a similar effect to echo. In some rare cases, it may be caused by carrier-related issues.


Steps to Resolve:

  1. Check that you have "Echo Cancellation" toggled ON in your PowerCall Dialer by going to Settings > Audio.
  2. Headset Troubleshooting
    1. Win:
    2. Mac:
  3. Lower the microphone and output volumes of your headset. Low quality microphones will pick up feedback when the input/output volumes are too high which may explain the echo.
  4. Make sure your headset is fully charged, and directly connected to your computer. If possible avoid USB Hub usage as they commonly experience issues that may cause echo.

If you have administrative access to your router, then please also do the following:

  1. Disable SIP ALG
  2. Whitelist the IPs: Ports listed here:
  3. Contact Your ISP mentioning that your Jitter and/or Latency is exceedingly high. They should provide some troubleshooting steps.
  4. Purchase adequate networking hardware to support your internet usage.
  5. Contact There may be a carrier issue causing the echo you experience.