If you're getting a "Microphone Access Blocked" error, see here


The Basics

As a reminder, USB headsets are highly recommended for the best experience and to avoid background noise when using the Kixie PowerCall dialer--3mm jack headphones are typically incompatible with Kixie. 

Kixie's PowerCall dialer will use the input/output devices which are set as your computer's default. 

After connecting your headset to your computer, open your computer's audio settings and change the input/output device to the headset that you have just connected and aim to use with Kixie (in Windows sound control panel, this is referred to as recording/playback instead of input/output). 

After you've connected your headset and updated your device's audio settings (input/output), open the Kixie PowerCall dialer. Once you are logged in, click the dropdown menu in the top right, go to Settings and select the Audio tab to configure microphone, ring audio, and call audio settings. 


COMMON SETUP #1 (speak to and hear customers through headset, and hear incoming ringtones through your headset as well)

  • Microphone: Default
  • Ring Audio: Default
  • Call Audio: Default

COMMON SETUP #2 (speak to your customers through your headset, but hear incoming ringtones through your computer's speakers)

  • Microphone: Default
  • Ring Audio: Built-in Output (or the name of your speakers)
  • Call Audio: Default


  1. Make a test call and make sure both parties can hear each other. Tap your headset microphone to ensure the sound is going through the headset itself.
  2. If your audio settings ever get out of sync (like the ring audio starts going through your headset even though you set it to your computer speakers), then Refresh the Kixie PowerCall dialer (press the Refresh icon on the top right of the PowerCall dialer), and they should revert to what you last set them to.

If you are still having issues and you use Windows, please see here for more help.

If you are still experiencing call quality challenges like echo, despite having your headset paired appropriately, please see here for help with call quality.

If you cannot hear any audio through your headset/computer: go to chrome://settings/content/sound and make sure "Allow sites to play sound" is toggled ON, not OFF:



  • Microphone - On a phone call, the input device for speaking to your caller.
  • Ring Audio - On an incoming call, the output device to hear the incoming ring tone.
  • Call Audio - On a phone call, the output device for hearing your caller.
  • Default - the default device your computer is set to. Whenever you update your computer default device, it will update Kixie PowerCall.