Prerequisites: Please verify that all headset, Windows Operating System, and Google Chrome software/firmware be up-to-date.

Kixie Recommended Headset Software Downloads

 This is also the easiest and most common way to troubleshoot call quality problems.


Advanced Troubleshooting


1. Open the Sound Settings menu in Windows

  • Right click the Speaker icon on the bottom right corner of your task tab and select Open Sound settings.


2. Select your Default Output + Input Devices

  • Under Output, select the audio device you intend to use as your output from the Choose your output device drop down.
  • Under Input, select the audio device you intend to use as your microphone from the Choose your input device drop down.


3. Verify your Audio Settings in Kixie PowerCall match Windows.

  • In Kixie PowerCall, goto Settings (3 horizontal lines) --> Audio --> More
    • mceclip2.png
  • The meter under Microphone lights up when speaking through a properly connected microphone (seen below)
    • mceclip3.png