Showing Up as Spam Likely or Scam Likely Showing Up as Spam Likely or Scam Likely

Showing Up as Spam Likely or Scam Likely

Alex Mann Alex Mann

Showing up as spam or scam likely when calling someone is a universal issue when you're making outbound calls - regardless of which phone service you are using. 

Depending on the number, device and carrier you are calling - your call may be displayed as "potential spam" or "scam likely" for any number of reasons:

  • Some people have installed/enabled spam-blocking apps/features on their phone, that will display certain numbers as spam or block them from ringing entirely based on their own particular criteria
  • Some people may block all calls not in their contact list
  • Some people may have enabled a spam prevention service on their cell phone service 
  • Phone carriers have their own algorithms as well
  • Another option, is that you have dialed too aggressively with your dedicated phone number and your leads have marked your number as spam

So, what are your options?


#1 Don't Panic, Stay the Course:

Stay the course... this bears repeating because it is crucial. Just because a few people are saying that your number showed up as spam to them, does not mean you should get a new number, update all your business cards and edit all your email signatures. The best advice is not to overreact, to keep your phone number intact, and trust that your number will gain credibility over time with all carriers the more it is used to connect successfully, just like building your credit.


#2 Get a new Direct Phone Number

Log into>my profile->numbers, and get a new number, then set it as your caller ID over in "Edit". No need to get rid of the old one that you suspect of being flagged as spam, in case you get called/texted on it. 


#3. Use Kixie ConnectionBoost 

Kixie's ConnectionBoost is designed to increase your connection rate in 3 complimentary ways: local presence dialing, progressive caller ID, and AI-powered spam protection.

By progressively rotating amongst the highest-connecting local numbers we have in our dedicated number bank, every call you make will show a unique local number with a proven connection rate. This results in higher pickup rates due to local numbers being shown on caller ID, overcomes call screening by allowing you to dial the same number multiple times and show a different local number each time, and offers protection against displaying as "spam likely" by showing the best-performing numbers in the pool, and replacing the poor-performers automatically.

You can enable this feature with our number bank right away, or set up your own local presence numbers.

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