When you are assigning or re-assigning numbers to a group, you are likely to have come across the option to set a user on the account as a "Default User". Kixie uses Default Users to make calling into a group seamless by using the Default User as a reference point.  

What does the Default User do?

  • Kixie uses the Default User's CRM account as a reference point for incoming calls to your queue, group and IVR numbers.
    • It's how we present the screen-pop data from your CRM (using the default user's CRM connection)
    • It's also how we log missed calls to the group or IVR into your CRM (under the default user)
    • When a new phone number calls into a group or IVR, Kixie will automatically create a contact in your CRM via Contact Creation if you have "Create Contacts" turned on inside kixie.com->manage->account. In your CRM, the Default User of the group will create the contact and be marked as the owner of the contact. 

Who should I use as the default user?

  • The best default user is a user whose connected CRM account can view all contacts owned by any user in the CRM, and whose contacts can be viewed/edited by any other CRM user as well.

If I am the Default User on a group, does that mean that all calls are going to me?

  • No. It is possible to be the Default User for a group, but not actually be a member of the ring group.