How Do I Transfer (Port) My Existing Phone Numbers to Kixie?

Alex Mann Alex Mann


You'll need to submit a valid PIN number on the LOA. Please contact your current phone provider to obtain it, in addition to either a BTN or an account number. 


For US/Canada Regular Numbers

Fill out the LOA for US/Canadian Regular Numbers


For US/Canada Toll-Free Numbers

Fill out the LOA for US/Canadian Toll-Free Numbers


Suggested (but not required)

If you want to start receiving inbound calls on Kixie right away, then forward your numbers over to temporary Kixie numbers while you're porting, and the transition will be more seamless. Note: SMS messages cannot be forwarded, so SMS-ability will only be available to you once number porting completes.

Note: The port process usually takes 7-14 business days, but you need to provide correct information on your LOA (port request form) to avoid the current phone provider's carrier rejecting your port request!


For any further questions or help with forwarding/porting, please email or chat live with us on