My Kixie Numbers

How to manage and add Kixie numbers.

How Do I Transfer (Port) My Existing Phone Numbers to Kixie?
  Important: You'll need to submit a valid PIN number on the LOA. Please...
Alex Mann Alex Mann
How do I Get Phone Numbers on Kixie?
Phone numbers can be acquired inside>manage numbers, or in kix...
Alex Mann Alex Mann
Forward Calls from an External Provider While Porting to Kixie
From a Previous Provider Prior to Joining To forward calls fro...
Jason Miani Jason Miani
What is the Default User?
The Basics When you are assigning or re-assigning numbers to a group, yo...
Permanently deleted user Permanently deleted user
If your Kixie phone number(s) need to be activated
In certain countries, government laws require you to submit further info...
Kixie Team Kixie Team