How to Work from Home using Kixie

Kixie Team Kixie Team

As more and more companies are switching to remote work environments, we want to let you know that Kixie is here to support you. With Kixie, you can start working from home in minutes with no hardware needed - you can connect Kixie with your cell phone or home landline. Here are some tips you need know for using Kixie while you work from home.


For Sales Reps

Installing Kixie at Home

Kixie PowerCall is completely cloud-based, follow these simple step to install the Kixie PowerCall

  • Sign into your Chrome User Profile that you currently use in your office
    • Your Kixie PowerCall Dialer should already be installed
    • If you need help signing into your Chrome User Profile, click here
  • If you do not see the Kixie PowerCall chrome extension, please install Kixie here
  • This will navigate you to our Chrome Store page. Simply click "Add to Chrome" and log into the PowerCall Dialer.
  • You are now ready to use Kixie at home!

If you are using a Firewall at home or need help making sure your router is working correctly for Kixie, please click here.

Kixie Connect

Left your headset at your office? No worries, you can still use all the benefits of Kixie with Kixie Connect. Easily use Kixie Connect with your cellphone or landline to click to call from your CRM, use AI Local Presence, record your calls and even trigger workflow automatons by logging dispositions. Click here to learn more.

Call Forwarding

Need to forward calls to your mobile phone? You can do so easily by logging into your dashboard at --> navigating to "My Profile" --> "Devices & Routing" --> and setting your Call Forwarding device to your mobile phone. Click here to learn more.

Inbound Call Routing

Kixie can seamlessly route your inbound calls through call queues and ring groups to your team while they are working from home. 


For Sales Managers

Call Coaching

Manage your sales team's remotely by using Kixie's Call Coaching feature. Easily listen to your sales team's calls in real-time, whisper to your agents to help navigate them through sales calls or even barge into the call if necessary. Click here to learn more.

Live Call Board, Leaderboard and Reporting

Track your sales team's performance in real time using the Live Call Board, Daily Call Leaderboard and Call Reporting tools. Watch your team's call stats such as number of calls, number of connections, talk time, etc. all in real time. Click here for more information.


How to Setup Call Conferences

With Kixie call conferences, you can easily setup conference calls to work with your team and/or your customers. Kixie can also record and integrate these calls into your CRM. Conference calls are a great way to collaborate with your team members when you are working from home. Click here to learn more about conference calls.