Call Forwarding and the "Find Me, Follow Me" Feature

Alex Mann Alex Mann

Call Forwarding allows incoming calls to your Kixie direct line to be forwarded to an external number (like your cellphone), either after your Kixie devices ring, or instead of Kixie devices ringing.


How do I enable Call Forwarding?

You can enable Find Me / Follow Me on your Kixie account by completing the following:

  1. Log into to your Dashboard
    • Select My Profile Tab > Agent Settings > Inbound Call Flow. Click "Edit All" on the right side.
  2. Go to "Forward Devices" on the left hand side of the pop up. Add a new Forward device which you would like to use for Call Forwarding if you have not already added one
    • Select "Add Number" button > Complete the necessary fields > Press Confirm

  3. The device you just added will now be an option under Call Forwarding in "Inbound Call Flow" on the left hand side menu
  4. Toggle Enable Forwarding ON
    • Optional but highly recommended: We suggest enabling the "Enable Announce Call" feature. Read more in the next section to learn about the advantages of announcing calls before answering
  5. Save Changes



How do I use the Announce Call feature?

When "Announce Call" is toggled ON and you answer a call via Call Forwarding, you will be prompted to "press 1 to accept this call" from Kixie. This message is an indication to you that you are receiving a Kixie call as opposed to a call directly to your cell phone. When toggled ON, the Call Forwarding interaction is as follows:

  1. External Device rings (aka cell phone rings) via Call Forwarding
  2. You answer 
  3. You hear "dial one to accept this call"
  4. You dial 1 on your keypad, which initiates the call
    • OR you simply hang up the External Device, which sends the caller to your Kixie voicemail



*You'll see the caller ID of the number calling in, whenever you receive a forwarded call.