DND (Do Not Disturb) allows you to pause your Kixie dialer from receiving inbound calls. While DND is on, incoming and outgoing calls are disabled in the Kixie dialer.


Note: If DND is turned on, click-to-call will not initiate outbound calls. Please disable/turn off DND before using click-to-call to make calls.


What happens to inbound calls when I have DND turned on?

  • If you have a voicemail, the caller will be sent to voicemail. And if you have Find Me / Follow Me turned on, the call will be forwarded to your designated FM/FM device. 

Will my calls still log when DND is turned on?

  • Yes, the calls will be reflected in your Kixie dashboard and the CRM which you have integrated with.

Can I make outbound calls while DND it turned on?

  • Not from the Kixie PowerCall dialer. You will still be able to make calls from your Kixie Mobile App (freely available for IOS and Android devices).

How do I know DND is on?

  • When DND is on, the DND doorknob hanger icon will turn black, and a red Do Not Disturb Banner will flash at the top of the Kixie dialer. See the video below for an example.