This guide provides detailed instructions on how to include another agent in an ongoing call using Kixie Powercall, either by transferring the call or conferencing them in. The transfer types covered include warm transfers (both hold and live), cold transfers, and scenarios involving unsupported transfer types.



Definitions of Transfer Types

Warm Transfers involve you remaining part of the conversation initially as another agent joins the call. This can be executed as a hold transfer or a live transfer.

Hold Transfer - You place the current call participant on hold, dial out to another agent, and then merge the calls.

Live Transfer - You dial another agent while keeping the original call active, creating a 3-way conference without placing anyone on hold.

Cold transfers involve forwarding the call to another party where you, as the original agent, do not remain on the line.

To Queue - Call is forwarded to a selected queue and you can hang up immediately.


Supported Transfer Types & Execution Steps

Warm Transfers

Hold Transfer

  • Steps:
    1. Press the Pause button to hold the ongoing call.
    2. Open the Directory tab in Kixie PowerCall and select an agent.
    3. Click the blue phone icon next to the agent’s name.
    4. After the agent answers, explain the ongoing call context.
    5. Click the merge call button to initiate a 3-way conference.
    6. Introduce the original call participant to the new agent.
    7. Decide whether to stay on the call or leave.
  • Notes:
    • This method is only supported for transfers within the Kixie directory to another agent.
    • Consider the potential drawbacks of long hold times in hold transfers, which may lead to the original caller hanging up.

Live Transfer

  • Steps:
    1. On an active call, open the Directory tab.
    2. Locate an agent or Queue and click the blue phone icon to dial.
    3. Maintain conversation with the original call participant.
    4. Introduce the dialed agent without needing to merge calls.
    5. Choose to stay on the call or hang up.

Tips for Hold and Live Warm Transfers

  1. Use the Search and Filter options in the Directory instead of scrolling to find the right agent or team of agents for your transfer.
  2. Use the colored status indicator next to agent names to understand whether they are available to receive a call or not. Each color represents a different status:
    • Blue - Agent is online but not on a call; they will be notified of your transfer attempt.
    • Orange - Agent is offline; they are unavailable to receive a transfer attempt.
    • Green - Agent is online and on an active call; they may or may not be notified of your transfer attempt based on their call waiting settings.
    • Red - Agent is online but set to Do-Not-Disturb (DND); they will not be notified of your transfer attempt.

Cold Transfers

To Queue

  • Steps:
    1. Open the Directory tab and select Queues.
    2. Find the desired Queue and click the transfer button.
    3. Hang up once the call is forwarded.

Tips for Transfers to a Queue

  • Use the Queue status indicators to determine the availability and estimated wait time for a Queue before transferring your call.
    • This information will help you determine which Queue is right for the transfer and allows you to set expectations with the caller on the line
    • Hover over the icon to the right of a Queue name to reveal information about the Queue:
      • Total number of agents assigned to the Queue
      • Total number of agents currently available in the Queue
      • Current average hold time for the Queue (H:MM:SS)

Unsupported Transfer Types & Alternative Solutions

The following transfer scenarios are currently unsupported:

  • Cold Transfer to Agent: This transfer leads to call termination.
    • Alternative Solution - Use one of the Warm Transfer methods listed above
  • Transfer to Mock Kixie User: Typically fails and leads to abandoned calls.
    • Alternative Solution - If any of the various supported transfer methods listed in this article are not applicable to your workflow, please reach out to us at support@kixie.com to provide us with more information about your use case, and to receive expert consultation on how to set your account up for success.