Kixie Dashboard Access for Manager & Admin Profiles

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While agents with User permissions on Kixie dashboard only have access to the "My Profile" tab, agents assigned Manager permissions will have access to a host of new options! We will be outlining them below, but as always if you have any additional questions don't hesitate to reach out, we're alway happy to help!



  • The first new option a manager will have access to is the Reporting tab. You'll be able to find a more in depth description of the reporting options at your disposal here, but in a nutshell this will be your main point of reference when tracking the call statistics for your team, such as incoming vs missed calls, average duration, total calls made, and more!



  • The next tab is the History tab. Here, a full call and SMS log is stored for the entire account. You can:
    • Use the date bar at the top right to restrict or expand the date range to your preference
    • Use the search bar to find specific names or numbers, and
    • Click the CSV button to download a list of all logs currently displayed (make sure to change the view at the bottom of the page to allow 100 rows per page)
      • (Pro Tip: you can also search the name of ring groups and queues here. Though the name of these groups may not appear on this menu, calls to them can still be filtered and singled out this way)



  • Under history, you'll see a number of columns, the first of which is Event, which describes via picture what kind of call it was.
    • A green arrow up is an outgoing answered call
    • A green arrow down is and incoming answered call
    • A red arrow pointing to the right is an outgoing missed call
    • A red arrow pointing left is an incoming missed call
  • The Date, Type, Status, Disposition, and Internal/ External Caller ID columns are all self explanatory, but it should be noted that the Duration column is listed in full minutes, not seconds, and that the number to the right of the decimal represents a percentage of a minute, so a call duration listed as 3.75 is really 3 minutes and 45 seconds.
  • The second to last column is Amount, which lists the charge for that specific call.
    • As you may be aware, Kixie charges per minute for all calls and a flat rate for sms, unless you are on the Unlimited plan which covers all calls within the continental US, Canada, and UK landlines.
    • A more in depth list of charges per minute can be found here, and a description of how our prepaid minutes reserve charge and unlimited plan as well as other billing information can be found here.
  • Finally, the last column is Actions. Under this column there will be up to 3 options:
    • The first is the blue paperclip icon, which is the Go To CRM link and will take you directly to that specific number's CRM contact page.
    • The second possible icon is the orange Play button, which will play the call recording associated with that call if one is available.
    • The last option is the blue text bubble, which allows you to send an sms to that number right from the dashboard!



The Manage category is where the majority of your account maintenance will take place! We'll go over each of the Manage categories below:


  • Under the first option in the pop up, "Settings," you can change your account's hold music from Kixie's default Jazz, as well as change the timezone for your business hours.
  • Under the "Options" menu are a number of toggles that affect the entire account, such as Recording Calls! You can also edit what is defined as a "Connection" here. By default this is set to a call that is 180 seconds or more, but this can be fine tuned to fit your needs.
  • Under "Integrations" you will find a copy of your Business ID as well as your API Key, if it is enabled.
  • Under Business Hours your can change the hours of operation for the whole account. Calls to your account that come in outside of these hours will be sent straight to voicemail, though individual agents and call groups can be given their own specific hours to cover your down time if need be.
  • Harassment Rules can be set to restrict how often your agents are able to contact a specific number in a single day. 



Manage Agents: 

  • Managers only have access to edit/add/delete agents as well. You can go to Manage > Agents, select the agent you would like to adjust, and then select the Edit subcategory beneath that agent.
  • Note: If you delete an agent, you can NOT undo this! If you delete an agent, you will NOT receive any refund for unused time for that paid seat!
    • Keeping this in mind, if you plan on replacing an agent with someone else before the end of you billing period, go to agent edit menu, enter the new agent's details, and hit "Save & Replace Agent." If you do not plan on replacing the agent and do not want to get billed for that seat in the future, you can just delete them!
  • After you add an Agent, make sure to go to Numbers (while still under the new agent) and give them a Kixie number by pressing "Add." Then go to Edit (under the new agent) and assign that as their caller ID & SMS number. If you don't see the new number in the drop down yet, just refresh the page!
    • If you would like an area code that is not currently available, just reach out to the support team, and we will see if we can find one for you!



Managing your Account's Phone Numbers:

  • As a manager, you are able to add/edit/delete all phone numbers associated with your account. You can go to Manage > Numbers and either edit who/what that number is assigned to or delete it. 
    • NOTE: If you delete a phone number from this section, you will not be able to get that exact number back. Only delete if you are completely sure you won't need it anymore!
  • You can also add more numbers to your account by pressing the "Add" Button on the top right of the Manage Numbers page and assign it accordingly. 



The rest of the Manage Category:

So, this is already a long article, so I'll save you some reading and for the rest of the Manage category will instead link to existing articles! If you have any additional questions, you can always reach out to support!

How to Set Up Ring Groups

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  • Managers also have access to view their recurring Kixie invoice and update their card on file for future payments. On the left hand side menu, under Billing, you can see the tab Recurring Invoice. In this section, you will be able to view your list of charges along with the next billing date. Next to each invoice line item, on the right hand side column titled "Current Until," you can see your next upcoming charge date for each item. You can also find past Invoices under the Invoices tab on the left hand side menu.
  • Below the Billing tab on the left hand side, there's also a button to Update Card. Enter your new card information there and you will replace your prior card on file with the one you just uploaded for all upcoming charges.