Kixie Webhooks (And How to Log Calls & SMS in non-native CRMs?)

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On the Professional plan, webhooks are a great way to push your Kixie account's call & SMS data into other applications that you use, in order to increase your team's efficiency and improve your processes. Many customers utilize Kixie's webhooks to log calls and SMS messages into CRMs we don't natively offer an integration.

After enabling Kixie's webhook for Voice and/or SMS, Kixie automatically sends your call and/or SMS data to the webhook destination that you specify, after the call/SMS has been completed.

To input webhook endpoint URLs with your Kixie manager/admin account, please navigate to>manage->webhooks.

The data comes to you in the following formats:

Phone Call Webhook Data

  • call status (answered or missed)
  • Call Duration in Seconds
  • Unique Call Identifier
  • call's total cost (in USD)
  • from: number
  • CRM Contact ID
  • CRM Link - Dependent on CRM
  • Call Disposition/ Call Outcome
  • to: number
  • first name, last name and email address of the Kixie user that made the call
  • call recording URL
  • CRM URL (where Kixie pushed the call into your CRM)

Phone Call Example Payload Data

"data": {
"calldate": "2019-07-23 17:14:46",
"callid": "5ecf0b34-ad6d-11e9-ad66-f3976a3b4e35",
"duration": "13",
"amount": "0.0130",
"calltype": "outgoing",
"callstatus": "answered",
"tonumber": "+12136273000",
"fromnumber": "+12134930061",
"disposition": "not disposed",
"fname": "Jeff",
"lname": "Kuei",
"email": "",
"recordingurl": "",
"crmlink": "",
"dealid": 8752,
"contactid": "4632"


SMS Webhook Data

  • Message
  • Message Date
  • Agent's Phone Number
  • Customer's Phone Number
  • CRM Link
  • Message Direction

SMS Example Payload Data

"data": {
"messageid": "sms0c431ad6-123-1234-1234-12345646546546544654",
"from": "+18008662453",
"customernumber": "+18008662453  ",
"to": "+14803813333",
"businessnumber": "+14803813333 ",
"direction": "incoming",
"message": "The contents of a message.",
"businessid": 1111,
"userid": 2222,
"contact": {
"deal": {
"stage": "71.00",
"title": "Don L Fletcher",
"value": "955.00",
"status": "No"
"contact": {
"firstName": "Don L",
"lastName": "Fletcher",
"address": null,
"phone": " 18008662453  ",
"city": null,
"name": "Don L Fletcher",
"link": "",
"id": 1234,
"success": true,
"device": {
"type": "gcm",
"usecase": "powercall",
"isactive": 1,
"pushid": "APA91bEQ_S_ktJA-BN_nIRcq1ure_y6yPgsHGKUYwQlr9fd5EEA8qSgdCxGd7_ID0XMoB1gHk8SrWA6j3jBf-EmhTddpyqg0S1tSDEfod0aMvjE6olbjqDb1qMXQs5j5lFFAfNbOZxVvqKd-kZFAK1tTQNNID92oFw"
"crmlink": ""


To Setup a Phone Call or SMS Webhook

  • Email with
    • The account holder email address
    • The webhook endpoint URL to catch the data e.g.
      • Please designate separate endpoint URLs for Phone Call and SMS

Using Webhooks via Zapier

Zapier's webhooks are a fantastic way for you to receive this webhook data, and then push it to other applications you use in customizable ways.

Here are two example use cases:

1) Send your Call History or SMS History to a Google Sheet (i.e to create custom reports)

  • create a google sheet
    • use this pre-populated template for Calls
    • use this pre-populated template for SMS
  • make a new zap as shown below, using that google sheet


c) select view webhook, copy the URL, and send it

2) Send only certain calls to a Slack Channel

  • maybe it's incoming missed calls only, maybe it's only calls with a certain disposition, maybe it's only calls that are outgoing calls and longer than 3 minutes, maybe it's only incoming answered calls longer than 3 minutes. The options are (almost) endless.
  • make a new zap as shown below (this one shows how to set this up to only send calls that are answered incoming calls to a Slack channel


  • select view webhook (just expand Catch Hook above), copy the URL, and send it


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