The Business/Team SMS API gives you access to send Team SMS messages through a POST request. This allows you to send the first message to a customer while using Team SMS. 

  • You can access your API Key and Business ID in the Kixie Dashboard under Manage > Account Settings > Edit All > Integrations
  • You must be on the Professional Billing Tier in order to access the API
  • You can reach out to your Account Manager or contact Support via the live chat in order for an agent to enable the API for you. 


You can send the POST request to this endpoint here:<api-key-here>

*Please make sure that you select JSON as your Content-Type* 

You can also set "Content-Type: JSON" in your Header Values. 


Send Team SMS 

Request Body: 

"businessid": "<business-id-here>",
"target": "xxxxxxxxxx",
"eventname": "bizsms",
"id": <team-sms-id-here>,
"fromNumber": "14242299682",
"message": "Hello world",
"apikey": "<api-key-here>"
  • 'target' (required field) - This refers to the phone number that you would to like send the Team SMS message to.
  • 'id' (required field) - This ID refers to the Team SMS ID that can be found in the Team SMS page in the Kixie Dashboard (Manage > Numbers > Team SMS). 
  • 'fromNumber' (optional) - If multiple phone numbers are associated with the Team SMS ID, you can differentiate which one you would like to send the Team SMS message from. If this field isn't specified, then Kixie will use the first phone number attached to the Team SMS ID. 
  • 'message' - This is the content of the Team SMS message in which you would like send.