Kixie is not just a Dialer, we are also an automations platform.  If you are not taking advantage of all of the automations that we provide, you are leaving money on the table!  


The following is a short summary of the powerful automations we offer which will help you and your reps save time and money.


PowerList and PowerDialer

Example use case: I have a list of 500 numbers I want my sales reps to call and I want them to get more connections.

The Kixie PowerDialer enables agents to automatically dial a PowerList of uploaded phone numbers.  You can choose to dial 1, 4, or 10 numbers at a time.  Your reps will make more connections by calling customers faster and more efficiently.  You can also dial out with ConnectionBoost numbers.



Example use case: I have a form on my website and as soon as someone submits the form, I want to auto-call the person right away and then follow up with an auto-text a day later.

The Cadences feature allows you to build a structured outreach approach.  Think of it as a drip campaign that involves scheduled calls and/or texts.  


AutoCall and AutoSMS

Example use case: I would like to add texting and calling actions within my CRM's workflows or via Zapier.

AutoCall and AutoSMS actions will initiate a call or text to a CRM contact from the contact owner's Kixie number.  Using these actions within your CRM's existing workflows/sequences or Zapier will remove a lot of manual processes!


Voicemail Drops

Example use case:  I call 100 leads a day and I want to leave a standard voicemail when I hear a voicemail prompt and move onto the next call.

Voicemail drops allow Kixie users to efficiently leave a voicemail without having to listen to the entire voicemail greeting.  Voicemail drops can save 1 minute per call which can save your team a ton of time!


SMS Templates

Example use case:  I have to repeatedly send the same text message to my customers and want to easily choose a text template based on the context of the conversation.

This one's simple:  you can save a few SMS templates and be able to use them in a texting conversation to save them.  Kixie allows dynamic fields like [fname] and [lname] to personalize the message based on their CRM contact information.



Example use case:  Kixie doesn't natively integrate with my CRM and I would like to push Kixie's calling and SMS data to it.

If you are using a system or CRM that Kixie doesn't natively integrate to but want to capture Kixie's calling and texting activities in those platforms, you can use webhooks to receive that data.


Note:  these features are available to professional plan or higher