The Call API allows you to automate a call with a POST request. 

  • You can access your API Key and Business ID in the Kixie Dashboard under Manage > Account Settings > Edit All > Integrations
  • You must be on the Professional Billing Tier in order to access the API
  • You can reach out to your Account Manager or contact Support via the live chat in order for an agent to enable the API for you. 


You can make a call by sending a POST request to this end point:<api-key-here>

*Please make sure that you select JSON as your Content-Type*

You can also set Content-Type: JSON in your Header Values. 


Make a Call

Request Body: 

"businessid": "<business-id-here>",
"email": "",
"target": "18506798788",
"displayname": "test 1234",
"eventname": "call",
"apikey": "<api-key-here>"
  • 'email' - This is going to be the email of the Kixie Agent that the call will be coming from. 
  • 'target' - This is going to be the phone number of the contact that you will be making the call to. 
  • 'displayName' - This is the label that will show in the Dialer when the call is made. Usually it will display the source of the call like "Direct Dial, Powerlist, Queue, etc.". 
  • 'eventname' - Do not change. This will always be "call".