Help with Kixie Reporting, Analytics, and CRM activity logging

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Here are the definitions of our Kixie reporting statistics and activity logging inside your CRM.

Kixie Dashboard

Agent Summary

  • Missed Calls
    •  Any incoming call that is unanswered by your users or goes to their voicemail. For example, if someone calls your IVR (virtual receptionist) and hangs up, that would be a missed call.
      • *NOTE* - missed calls that are to an IVR/Group number will be assigned to the "default user". For example, if you have one main number that rings 4 agents and Bob is the default user, any missed call to that main number will show up as a missed call to Bob. 
  • Missed %
    • Total number of missed incoming calls / total number of incoming calls. The lower the % the better!
  • Connections
    • Any calls greater than 3 minutes (can be outgoing or incoming)
      • you can change your connection duration inside>manage->account.
  • Outgoing Connection %
    • Total number of Connections (meaningful calls > 3 minutes) / total answered calls. The higher the % the better!
  • Tot. Duration
    • Total duration of your agents. The actual talk time they are on calls.
  • Average Duration
    • Average duration of all calls in minutes

Dispositions (Outcomes)

  • These are the call outcomes logged by your agents. They are customizable if your team is on the Professional tier of Kixie.

Inbound Number Summary

  • The inbound number summary is a useful way to see the call stats for any given number on your account. This is especially useful for keeping track of the inbound call stats for your marketing numbers, or your main company number, for instance.

Kixie CRM Activity Logging

  • Answered Calls
    • For incoming calls: any call that is answered by your user
    • For outgoing calls: any call that is answered a customer, their voicemail, or auto-attendant greeting
  • Missed Calls
    • For incoming calls: any call that is unanswered by your users or goes to their voicemail 
    • For outgoing calls - any call that is a bad/invalid number or canceled by your user(your user hangs up before it can reach the customer, their voicemail, or auto-attendant)