Hubspot Workflow: Automatically Send an Email after Logging a Call Outcome or Type

Beaujean Betouliere Beaujean Betouliere

As your reps click-to-call down HubSpot contact lists, drop voicemails and send pre-templated personalized texts, Kixie will auto-prompt your reps to easily and efficiently log HubSpot Call Outcomes and/or Call Types through their Kixie PowerCall after a call is over, without having to enter/refresh the HubSpot contact page and do so manually. 

This article will introduce the idea of setting up a workflow in HubSpot that will automatically send the HubSpot contact a specific email when a rep logs a specific call type. 

Once it's all setup, you'll have created a simple and scalable workflow that sends an email based off the logging of a Call Type. 

  • The Mechanics
    • Create the workflow below.
      • mceclip1.png
      • Once the workflow above is created, reps can easily log the Call Type of "Left Voicemail - Send Email for Demo" once prompted after their call, and the workflow will automatically send the email of "Left VM Sends this Email" email to that HubSpot contact.
      • mceclip0.png
  • Setting up this Workflow
  • Choose the Start from Scratch option --> Contact-based
    • calloutcome1.png
  • Set Enrollment Trigger to Activity
    • Trigger the Workflow Automatically
      • calloutcome2.png
  • Choose Trigger Criteria
    • Call and Meeting Type
      • is any of (Choose desired Call Type)
      • mceclip2.png
    • Choose Action
      • Select "Send Email", then create and/or choose the email you want to send!




Questions? Please email or access our chat window inside of the dashboard.