Syncing Customized Hubspot Call Outcomes with Kixie

Ryan Frizelle Ryan Frizelle

How to Sync Outcomes in Kixie


To sync a custom list of Hubspot call outcomes with Kixie, first you’ll need to have your outcomes added in your HubSpot account. To do so, navigate to your settings in HubSpot > Click on “Calling” under the Tools section > Call Configurations > Click on “View options” under Track call outcomes. 


Once your outcomes are created in your HubSpot account, if you do not have any current PowerLists or Cadences using dispositions created, contact Kixie support or your account manager and we’ll manually sync these dispositions to your Kixie account. 


Syncing Outcomes If You Already Have PowerLists or Cadences Made with Dispositions


If you have PowerLists or Cadences created in your account with dispositions, there is an extra step needed before we are able to sync your outcomes. You will need to remove all of your dispositions from your PowerLists and Cadences before we’re able to sync your new outcomes. 

  • Note: This can be a tedious process if you have a large amount of PowerLists or Cadences. Also, dispositions and outcomes are two terms used to mean the same thing.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Navigate in your Kixie dashboard to your PowerLists under Manage > PowerLists or to your Cadences under Manage > Cadences
  2. For every PowerList or Cadence, you’ll click on the list or Cadence name > Dispositions > Take a picture or screen recording of all of the dispositions in that PowerList or Cadence
  3. Move to the next PowerList or Cadence and repeat step 2 where you take a picture or screen recording of the dispositions for the rest of your PowerLists and Cadences.
  4. Once you have photos or screen recordings of all of the dispositions in each PowerList and Cadence, go through and remove the dispositions from each.
  5. Now that all of your dispositions are removed from every PowerList and Cadence, we’ll be able to sync your outcomes from HubSpot. Email or message support to sync your outcomes from HubSpot to your Kixie, and they’ll be able to manually sync your outcomes. 
  6. Once you get confirmation your new outcomes are synced, you will go back into your PowerLists and Cadences. Replace the dispositions by referring to your photos or screen recordings you took earlier. 


If you need any clarity on this process, please reach out to Kixie Support!