Hubspot Workflows: How to Create a Ticket in Hubspot Directly from Kixie Powercall

Aldo Barbagiovanni Aldo Barbagiovanni

You can create a ticket in Hubspot immediately following a phone conversation with a contact by logging a Call and Meeting type directly from the Kixie Powercall.



Setup a Call and Meeting type

  1. Create a call and meeting type in Hubspot that you would like to use as the trigger. call_meeting_types.png2. Refresh your Kixie Powercall to access any newly created call and meeting types in the Outcome section.

Create a new contact-based Hubspot Workflow

  1. Enrollment trigger is Call and meeting type is any of [the Call and meeting type you created for this automation].
  2. Action step is “Create ticket.”create_ticket_workflow.png
  3. Designate who the ticket is assigned to, the ticket name, pipeline, source, and description. 
  4. Turn the Workflow on.

Use Kixie Call Logging to Automatically Create a Ticket

  1. If you would like to create a ticket after a phone call with a Hubspot contact, log the designated call and meeting type from the Outcome section of the Kixie Powercall. 2020-08-10_1455.png
  2. The call and meeting type will log onto the contact page and a ticket will be created and associated with that Hubspot contact. 
  3. A link to the newly created ticket will also appear on the Hubspot contact page as a separate activity.