How Can I Migrate My Existing Phone Number Data to New Custom Fields Containing Phone?

Alex Mann Alex Mann

In this example, we refer to the phone fields Old Custom Field and New Custom Phone Field

  1. Create a new property in Hubspot containing "phone" in the name (see above for example). We'll make a new field called New Custom Phone Field.

  2. Start a new Contact-based Hubspot workflow from scratch.
  3. Under Trigger, set the enrollment trigger to Contact Properties > select the name of your old field > trigger when the field is known. For our example, we'll select the Old Custom Field > is known.
  4. Before saving, click the Re-enrollment tab, check Allow Contacts who Meet the Trigger Criteria to ReEnroll and check  (your old field name) Old Custom Field is known
  5. As the action, select Copy Property Value from Old Custom Field to New Custom Phone Field

  6. When prompted, manually enroll all existing contacts in the workflow.
  7. All phone numbers listed in the Old Custom Field should now be copied to the New Custom Phone Field.