Kixie's Zoho Integration: Configuration and Behavior

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Minimum Integration Requirements: 

  • You have a paid Zoho account (not a trial)
  • You are using Leads and/or Contacts modules, not custom modules instead
  • Your phone numbers are stored in the default Zoho Lead/Contact phone fields 
    • Leads Module: Default Phone Fields: Mobile, Phone
    • Contacts Module: Default Phone Fields: Mobile, Phone, Home Phone, Other Phone

Integration Setup Checklist:

  • Establish the Kixie-Zoho PhoneBridge integration
    • a Zoho admin must connect their Kixie account to their Zoho account.
    • Verify in Zoho CRM → Setup → Channels → Telephony → View Configuration.
  • Zoho CRM API access toggled on (for all Zoho Profiles using Kixie)
    • Zoho CRM → Setup (gear icon) → Security Control → Profiles → Click on a Profile → Developer Permissions → API Access → Zoho CRM API Access → On
  • Allow IPs
    • Only if your Zoho CRM account has IP Restrictions enabled, you'll need to allow Kixie's IP addresses for all Zoho users using Kixie.
    • Zoho CRM → Setup → Users and Control → Security Control → Allowed IPs → Allow these IPs for all Kixie users

Optional but Recommended:

  • Enable the "Description" Column
    • in the "Closed Activities" view, in both Leads and Contacts, enable the "Description" column, or you won't see vital sms and outcome/disposition activity information, specifically the sms message itself and the notes that may have been logged along with the outcome/disposition.
  • Customize your Call Outcomes (Dispositions)
    • Create and maintain your own customized list of call outcomes that all your users will see, and will push into Zoho when logged. See here.

Common Troubleshooting Scenarios:

  • No Kixie activities are being logged to Zoho (at all) for all agents: please Establish the Kixie-Zoho PhoneBridge integration again. If that doesn't work, re-examine your IP Restrictions and Allow IPs again.
  • For given agent(s) but potentially not all agents, no Kixie activities are being logged to Zoho (at all) for those agent(s): toggle Zoho CRM API access ON again for the agent(s) Zoho profile type.
  • For a given agent, SMS and Dispositions aren't logging to Zoho for that agent, but calls are logging: the user's Zoho API token has expired: have the user re-connect their Kixie to Zoho
  • Reach out to support for additional help.

How the Integration Works:

Kixie Syncs Activities at the Lead/Contact level:

  • Phone Call Activities will log as "Calls", and will look like this inside the "Closed Activities" Section:


  • SMS Activities will log as completed "Tasks", and will look like this inside the "Closed Activities" Section:


  • Disposition (Call Outcome) Activities will log as completed "Tasks", and will look like this inside the "Closed Activities" Section:


  • if SMS or Dispositions ever stop logging, please re-connect your Kixie Account to Zoho

DirectSync vs. Manual-Search Sync

  1. DirectSync For click-to-calls () to a lead/contact from inside a lead or contact’s page, or from a lead or contact list-view, Kixie will sync the call directly to that specific lead or contact. 
  2. Manual-Search Sync For all other phone calls and SMS messages that are made or received in any other way, Kixie will have to search through your Zoho and sync the activity to the most recently-modified Lead/Contact with that phone number, with priority always given to the Contact.

Syncing Activities at the Account Level:

If a Contact has an associated "Account", Kixie will also sync the same call/sms/disposition activities that it synced to the Contact over to the associated Account as well.


The Kixie PowerCall®

The Kixie PowerCall functions as an enhanced, Zoho-driven caller ID, as well as a shortcut into Zoho.

  1. Zoho-driven Caller ID: View the Zoho Lead/Contact that's calling you, and click to open their contact page in a new tab
  2. Edit the Zoho Lead/Contact’s basic information while you're on a call, like name and email address
  3. Log a Call Outcome (disposition) with notes 
  4. Schedule a future Call Activity with the Zoho Lead/Contact

The Zoho PhoneBridge

Some Kixie customers view the PhoneBridge as an unnecessary appendage, but it cannot be removed without breaking the Kixie integration.

The Zoho PhoneBridge popup does allow you to create new leads/contacts on the fly during phone calls, schedule follow-up calls, and enter a Description associated with the call activity itself.



More Helpful Resources

  • For additional helpful resources related to Kixie-Zoho, see here


  • For further assistance with Kixie's Zoho Integration:
    • log in and chat with us on or
    • email


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