How to Log Call Outcomes and Use Automations in Zoho

Suha Chowdhury Suha Chowdhury


Summary: The *call outcomes (dispositions) that you log via the Kixie PowerCall (shown below) will log into Zoho as completed tasks, with the task's "subject" being the call outcome that you've selected, and the task's "description" containing whatever note you entered.


Customizing Your Account's Call Outcomes (Dispositions)


Building Workflows Based on Call Outcomes:


Now that you've logged outcomes in Kixie, you can then build Zoho workflow automations that are triggered by these call outcomes, and/or enhance your filters to include/exclude leads based on the call outcome that was logged!

  • workflow automation example
    • as soon as the "not interested" outcome is logged to a lead, you can trigger a workflow that will change their lead status to "junk lead"
  • list-filtering example
    • add a filtering condition to your lead lists to exclude those whose lead status is "junk lead"



We can help you build these automations and filters in Zoho. Please email if you would like some help!