Zoho Workflows: Kixie Auto-Call and Auto-SMS Based Upon an Opened Email

Aldo Barbagiovanni Aldo Barbagiovanni

Kixie can automatically initiate a phone call from your sales rep to a Zoho lead or contact who just opened one of your Zoho email templates. This helps your agents connect with your prospects when they are most engaged with your marketing material.


Example Recommended Use Case:

Your Sales Agent drops a pre-recorded voicemail for a prospect, sends an SMS template, and logs an outcome that automatically sends a Zoho email template. When the prospect opens the email, the Kixie auto-call is initiated.

The Mechanics:

Here’s how to set up the Zoho Workflow:

  1. Go to Setup > Automation > Workflow Rules.
  2. In the Workflow Rules page, click Create Rule.
  3. In the Create New Rule pop-up, do the following:
    • Select the Module “Emails” from the drop-down list.
    • Enter the Rule Name and write a Description (optional). Click next.
  4. When asked when to execute this rule, select when Outgoing email is Opened. Next.
  5. In this next section, you will be asked if you’d like to set conditions for email fields.
    • If you ONLY want the auto-call or auto-sms to occur when a specific Zoho email template is opened, click Yes (recommended). If you want the auto-call or auto-sms to occur when ANY Zoho email template is opened, click No.
    • If you pick Yes (recommended), you will be asked to specify which Zoho email template should fire the Kixie auto-call when opened. The best method is to specify by the Subject of the Zoho Email Template(s) you wish to set this automation up for.
  6. You will then be asked to apply this rule to the Zoho Lead or Contact module. If you wish to set this up for both modules, you will need to create a separate workflow for each.
  7. You can further specify if this workflow is to be applied to ALL Leads/Contacts, or only to Leads/Contacts who match certain conditions (a specific Lead Source, for example).Screen_Shot_2020-08-05_at_5.48.25_PM.png
  8. For the action step, click Instant Action. Select Webhook. New Webhook.
  • You will retrieve the webhook URL from Zapier (instructions are further along in this article).
  • Method: POST
  • Write a quick description of what this webhook is being used for (optional).
  • URL Parameters: Standard Format > Add parameter > Parameter type: Leads: Phone (required); first name (recommended); last name (recommended); Users: Email (required)


Here’s how to set up the Zapier section:

  1. Make a Zap. The trigger of this new Zap will be Webhooks by Zapier. Catch hook.
  2. Test the trigger by running a test Zoho Lead or Contact through the Zoho workflow then click “test trigger.”
  3. For the action step, type “Kixie” then select “make a call” or "send sms"
  4. For the User Email Address field, select the Zoho user email that you selected in the Zoho Webhook setup (this must match the email address they use to log into Kixie in order to work).
  5. For the Target Phone Number field, select the Lead/Contact’s phone number from the webhook step.
  6. For Auto-Call only: The Action Display Name is what your sales agent will see on their Kixie dialer when the auto-call is initiated. Action Display Names are not required but can incentivize your sales agent to accept the auto-call. Example: “Lead (first name) (last name) Opened Email.”



Enabling Kixie’s Zoho Auto-Call and SMS:

Please Contact Kixie Professional Support at support@kixie.com or call 1-424-800-3330 to enable your API key for automation to work.