Zoho Workflows: Auto-SMS and Auto-Call

Aldo Barbagiovanni Aldo Barbagiovanni


  • Connect Kixie to Zoho
  • This feature is only available for Kixie Professional level accounts, so if you would like to use this functionality and are on an Integrated membership please contact support@kixie.com to upgrade!
  • Zoho product with access to workflow rules and webhook actions
  • Zapier Starter plan or higher

Kixie Terminology:

Auto-SMS: Initiating an automatic text message (SMS) from the Zoho record owner’s direct Kixie number to the Zoho lead or contact’s phone number. Auto-SMS messages can include property token variables such as lead/contact’s first name, email address, Zoho user’s first name, etc.

Auto-Call: Initiating an automatic phone call from the Zoho record owner’s Kixie Powercall dialer to the Zoho lead or contact’s phone number. You are able to create a label that will appear on the Kixie Powercall dialer to indicate to your agent what event has prompted this automatic phone call.


To set up auto-calling and auto-SMS, start by creating a Zoho workflow rule where the action step ends in a webhook. You can use Kixie’s call outcomes to trigger Zoho automated workflows.

To set up a webhook action step as part of a Zoho workflow, click Instant Action. Select Webhook. New Webhook.

  • You will retrieve the webhook URL from Zapier (instructions on how to do this are further along in this article).
  • Method: POST
  • Write a description of what this webhook is being used for (optional).
  • URL Parameters: Standard Format > Add parameter > Parameter type: Leads: Phone (required); first name (recommended); last name (recommended); Users: Email (required)Screen_Shot_2020-08-05_at_6.44.44_PM.png

The webhook URL is generated in Zapier. Make a Zap where the trigger is Webhooks by Zapier (POST catch hook). Copy the generated webhook URL into the Zoho webhook module.

In your Zap, the action step is Kixie: make a call or send an SMS.

Here's what the Auto-Call actions look like in Zapier:


Here's what the Auto-SMS actions look like in Zapier:


Recommended Use Cases and Ideas:

  • when a lead owner is assigned, trigger an Auto-Call and send an introductory Auto-SMS 
  • when a contact opens a particular email, trigger an auto-call, then delay two minutes then send an auto-SMS 
  • when a call outcome is logged (which you can do from the Kixie PowerCall), automatically send an email AND webhook to Zapier to send an auto-SMS telling the lead to check their email
  • Other Great Use Casessee here for non-Zoho use cases for Auto-SMS and Auto-Call
    • example: an email campaign open in ActiveCampaign or Drip leading to an Auto-SMS from Kixie

*see here for best practices to maximize the deliverability of the SMS messages you are sending

Please note: The auto-SMS feature is not meant to be an SMS blast tool. Instead, it is meant to be a targeted approach to sending relevant texts to customers at exactly the right times - automatically and reliably.

Enabling Kixie's Zoho Workflow Automation:

Please contact your account manager directly and/or contact support@kixie.com, or call Kixie Professional Customer Support at + 14248003330 to enable your API key for automation to work.