Use this guide to add new agents to your account on the Kixie Dashboard

Note: If you are instead replacing an existing agent as opposed to creating a new one, or if you're not sure about which option to choose, please see this article - Replacing Vs. Deleting Users

How to add a new Agent to your account

  1. Log into your Dashboard  
  2. Check if there is an old user that you can replace with the new one. If so, see this article instead of moving to Step Three.
  3. Go to Manage > Agents > + Add


  4. Enter the new agent's information. For more information on the Billing Tier, please see the next section of this article.


  5. You can either choose an existing Ring Group/Queue/IVR Phone number to be your new agent's outbound caller ID number, or go to "Buy Number" on the lefthand side menu to give your agent their own Kixie number.

    It is highly suggested to give your new agent their own personal Kixie number so that way they can use it for SMS. If not, they cannot use a Ring Group/Queue/IVR phone number for SMS. 

    • When you go to "Buy Number", you'll enter in the area code for the number you want and then press Search. Once you Select the number, it will automatically apply that new number as your agent's Outbound Caller ID Number.


  6. Optional: You can also add VM Drop files and SMS Templates for your new agent from this screen using the lefthand side menu.



What billing tier should I put my new agent on?

If you are unclear on what tier your agent needs to be on, please check out our billing page.

If the new agent is on an Professional tier plan and would like to add ConnectionBoost (Kixie's advanced local presence feature), please reach out to or use our Chat feature so we can enable it for you. Thank you!


What can I expect to see on the billing page?

When an agent is added you will receive an initial charge the same day an agent is added: 

Monthly Billing Cycle: One time pro-rated charge that depends on when the agent is added during your billing cycle.

Quarterly/Annual Billing Cycle: You'll receive an initial monthly pro-rated charge on the same day the agent is added. You will then receive a second charge to equal the total pro-rated amount that depends on your billing cycle.


For questions about this, please email and/or reach out to your Account Manager for more information.