Setting Up a Jabra Evolve 75/65 UC for Use with Kixie

Daniel Lovig Daniel Lovig
  1. Download and Install Jabra Direct/Firmware Updates from Jabra Support.JabraDownloads.png

  2. Plugin Jabra Link (USB Dongle) to your computer's USB port. Enable Jabra Evolve Bluetooth connection by moving the Power slider to the Bluetooth position.

  3. Connect Jabra Evolve (headset) to Jabra Link (USB Dongle) via the Jabra Direct software.Jabraconnect.png

  4. Disable Wired USB Audio Setting by doing the following:

    1. Go to the Device tab.

  5. Go to Device Settings.Device_Settings.png

  6. In the Softphone sub menu, set "Wired USB audio" to off.WiredUSBAudioOFF.png

  7. Once you have completed the above, your headset will be setup for Kixie usage. To charge your headset, feel free to plugin the included USB cable - even while in a call.

*For audio troubleshooting, please take a look at the Ideal Conditions for the Kixie PowerCall Dialer article.