We've just implemented several new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to provide a more streamlined workflow in the Kixie Dashboard. Let's take a quick look at what's new.

New Features

Pause/Unpause Recording in PowerCall

Now in PowerCall while on an active call, there is a button to pause and unpause call recordings.

The state of the recording button changes to inform whether a call is being actively recorded and whether you are hovering your mouse over the button to take an action to pause or resume the recording.

Use the below image to understand the various states of the recording button and what they represent:


CRM Properties - Custom Phone field added to Contacts table for HubSpot only 

When a custom phone number is designated in the CRM Properties section of the dashboard, that phone number is now synced to the Contacts table and can be referenced so calls/SMS can be logged to the appropriate contact.

PowerList HubSpot List Ingestion

In addition to a spreadsheet upload, HubSpot users can now import a contact list directly into a PowerList via their integration instead of needing to export and import a list.

On the Add/Edit PowerList modal, the "Upload Data" tab has been renamed to "Contacts." There is now a Data Source dropdown to select from an integration or a traditional spreadsheet upload/import. When "Spreadsheet" is selected, the process resumes as normal. When "HubSpot" is selected, the modal displays a dropdown with contact lists to select from along with the number of contacts associated with each list.

Once a list is selected, the modal will automatically advance to the Mapping Tool portion of the PowerList import process where users can map CRM Properties to Kixie fields.


"Assign Owner" Disposition action in PowerList and Cadence

There is now an "Assign Owner" action available for Disposition Rules in PowerList and Cadence.


New Page Tours - Queues and Cadences

Now, on the Manage Queues and Manage Cadences page, there is a button in the Help Sidebar to "Tour Page." This will show a series of modals highlighting various sections of the page with in-depth explanations for each section.

Ability to forward to Personal PowerLists

Added the ability to select a Personal PowerList when choosing the option to forward a contact from one Personal PowerList to another Personal PowerList.

Show Teams and Members on Queues page

There are two new columns on the Manage Queues page. The Teams column shows each Team assigned to a given Queue, and the Members column shows the total number of agents assigned to a given queue.

PowerDialer - Details view shows PowerList name

Updated the PowerDialer Details tab to show the name of the PowerList an answered call is part of. This means that when dialing from multiple subscribed PowerLists, when switched to the Details tab for an answered call, you will know which PowerList that contact was included in.

Inbound Routing - Automated message option

In an inbound routing rule, when the following conditions are met:

  • Condition: Deal Has Owner
  • Condition Value: True
  • Destination: Go to Deal Owner

Then you will have a new option to play an automated message before the call is routed. This provides context for callers to understand that their call is being routed to a destination other than the one they dialed. This is helpful if, for instance, an inbound routing rule routes a call from a Main IVR directly to an agent, but that agent is frequently unavailable.

Enable Schedule options for PowerDialer calls

Users can now access and edit the Schedule details in the PowerCall call handling section for PowerDialer calls. This enables the ability to add a scheduled event to a connected CRM for contacts that are called with the PowerDialer.

Added a Notification for when Held Callers Hang Up

If an agent has a call on hold and the held caller hangs up while on hold, the agent will be notified that they hung up.


Added Ability to Retrieve Calls that are "Stuck on Hold"

In cases where a call is on hold and the agent's internet connection is severed or the agent reloads PowerCall, the held caller would get "stuck on hold" and not be retrievable by the agent. Now, the agent will be notified and will be able to retrieve the caller.


Add External Numbers to the Directory

In Manage > Numbers, you can now create a “Directory External Number”, which will appear under "External" and allow agents to directly call and easily conference in and transfer to external non-Kixie phone numbers.

Personal PowerList forward to another Personal PowerList

Users can now choose to Disposition a call from one of their Personal PowerLists to another Personal PowerList under their user account.

Unread SMS badge persists when visiting the page

The unread SMS badge now persists when visiting the SMS tab until you click into an actual SMS thread.


Usage column on Routing Rules page

On the Routing Rules page, there is now a column titled "Calls Routed (last 7 days)" that displays a count for the number of times a routing rule was invoked in the last 7 days.

This allows users to understand how often calls are being routed to gauge the success of a rule, and it also helps with troubleshooting to understand if a rule has been invoked or not.

Bug Fixes

Spell Check in PowerCall SMS compose

The SMS compose text entry field will now show an underline for misspelled text.


Prevent Outside Hours and No Answer Actions from creating a loop

When editing the Outside Hours or No Answer actions for a given entity (Agent, Ring Group, Queue, IVR) you are no longer able to select the same entity as the Outside Hours action or the No Answer action.

E.g. When selecting an After Hours action for "Agent XYZ" to route to a different agent, "Agent XYZ" is no longer selectable in the list.

Voicemail logs in CRM missing recording link in note

Fixed an issue where a voicemail that is logged to an account's connected CRM was missing a link to the audio of the voicemail.

SMS thread stays unread after opening the message

On the SMS History tab of PowerCall, when clicking an unread SMS preview to open the full thread and then backing out to the SMS History page, that thread would still appear as "unread." Now, when clicking into the thread and then backing out, that thread's status changes to "read."

Dispositions not removing contacts from Cadence

Fixed an issue where using a Disposition to remove a contact from a Cadence would not remove that contact. Dispositions with a remove action in Cadences are now working as expected.

Agent Status Report Logged In Time discrepancy

On the Agent Status Report, some agents were showing a "Logged In Time" of 0:00 due to an error. 

Help Sidebar dark mode

Updated the styling of the Help Sidebar to be compatible with dark mode on the dashboard.

Team SMS thread showing incorrect timestamp

Updated the Team SMS timestamps to display in the business' selected time zone instead of in UTC.

Unable to directly transfer PowerDialer calls

Fixed an issue that would prevent PowerDialer calls from being directly transferred to other agents.

Account setup dialog behavior

Updated the behavior of the setup modal that prompts users to download Kixie and/or set up their account in the dashboard. This will no longer pop up on the dashboard screen after both actions have been completed.

Help Chat was not opening

Fixed an issue where the "Chat with Support" button in the Help sidebar would sometimes not open the Help Chat for some users.

Missing Zoho contact details

Fixed an issue where contact details were not shown in the PowerCall dialer when connected to Zoho.

Can't create PowerList with no contacts

Fixed an issue that prevented a PowerList from being created before any contacts were uploaded. Now, you can create a PowerList without any contacts and add them later.

Support articles were not scrollable in the Help Sidebar

Fixed an issue that prevented articles visible in the Help Sidebar from being scrollable to read their full content.


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any specific questions about any of these new features, or to share your thoughts on how we can improve Kixie even more.