We’ve just implemented several new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to provide a more streamlined workflow in the Kixie Dashboard. Let’s take a quick look at what’s new.



Dashboard Page Titles

There are now subheaders for pages of the Kixie dashboard with a blurb describing its utility. This will help provide context for users unfamiliar with the Kixie dashboard as well as longtime users who may be curious about pages they access less frequently.

Note: There are a small handful of pages without a subheader blurb. They will be added in an upcoming release.

Call History Page

Play Voicemail Button on Call History Page

Now, managers viewing the Call History page will see a Voicemail icon in the Actions column for phone calls with a voicemail to play. Clicking the Voicemail icon pops up a modal where you can view details and play, pause, and download the voicemail audio.


Increased .csv Export Limit Past 10,000 Rows

Previously, scheduling a full range export of the Call History report that exceeded ten thousand rows would stop at ten thousand. This limit has been removed and now reports will include all ranges.


Agent Summary Column Tooltips

We’ve added hover tooltips to the columns of the Agent Summary page. This will help users better understand what each column represents.


Add CRM Link to Call History Export

Now, the Call History exports include a “CRM Link” column that includes a link to a contact’s page in a company's connected CRM. This provides quicker access to a given contact when viewing exported calls.


Show Organizational PowerLists on My PowerLists Page

Previously, navigating to My Profile -> My PowerLists only showed a list of “Personal PowerLists” (ie a PowerLists created by an agent for which they are the only member and other agents can’t be added). Now, we are displaying “Organizational PowerLists” (ie PowerLists for which a given agent is associated)


Removed Hyperlink for Teams in Personal PowerLists

Previously, users could click the name of the Team in the settings modal for a Personal Powerlist. Personal PowerLists can only be associated with the agent who created it, so we removed this hyperlink.

For organizational PowerLists, team names are still hyperlinked to allow for easy navigation to a given team.



Add Webhook to Cadences

Now, “Webhook” is an option in the Cadence Actions dropdown. Selecting “Webhook” provides additional options to enter a Webhook URL, Header Name, and Header Value.


Bug Fixes

Call & SMS Reporting

Call & SMS History Activity Export Fixes

Previously, there were discrepancies between the single page download and full range export for the Call History page. We made the following updates:

  • Fixed timestamp to match BID timezone
  • Fixed duration to show the correct value
  • Added “CRM link” column
  • Fixed Internal Call ID and External Contact columns not showing numbers properly
  • Fixed the Amount column to show the correct value
  • Added First Name and Last Name columns to the single page export

Call Hours

Ring Group, IVR, Queue, User Hours Being Ignored When Redirecting Call To Another Entity

Fixed a situation where calls directed to one entity with outside business hours settings to redirect to a second entity would then have its outside business hours settings ignored.

Now, when a call is made to an entity that redirects to another due to outside business hours rules, the second entity’s business hours settings will also be respected as normal.


Outside IVR Hours Action Goes To Busy Signal

Fixed a situation where calls directed to one entity with outside business hours settings to redirect to a second entity would then have its outside business hours settings ignored.



Fixed Hyperlink in Edit Agent Settings

When adding or editing an Agent’s settings, a hyperlink labeled “Buy an SMSable Number” was pointing to the wrong URL. It’s been updated and now navigates to the correct page.


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any specific questions about any of these new features, or to share your thoughts on how we can improve Kixie even more.