Kixie Dashboard Update - January 18th, 2023

Beaujean Betouliere Beaujean Betouliere

We’ve just implemented several new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to provide a more streamlined workflow in the Kixie Dashboard. Let’s take a quick look at what’s new. For notes on our latest Kixie PowerCall 2.25 update, click here.



Require Outcome - PowerCall

Similar to the setting in PowerList, we are introducing the ability for Managers and Admins to toggle a company-wide setting that will require agents to log an outcome in PowerCall before they can make additional calls.


To access these settings, managers can navigate to Manage > Account > Options > Call Outcomes.

There will be two toggles:

  • Show Outcome for All Agents
    • Toggling this ON will navigate the PowerCall window to the Outcome tab after every call for all agents
  • Require Outcome for All Agents
    • After a call is over, turns on DND for the agent in PowerCall
    • Disables the DND button from being toggled
    • Shows a badge in PowerCall next to the number previously dialed
    • Shows a “Need Outcome” badge in the Outcome dropdown in PowerCall
    • Toggling this ON will do the following:



PowerList Upload Mapping

When uploading a spreadsheet to a PowerList, users will now see a new experience allowing them to map columns from their spreadsheet to columns that will be used by Kixie for that PowerList. In other words, a user will no longer need to strictly adhere to the spreadsheet template, and can upload a spreadsheet with whatever column headers they want.

On the Upload Data tab, users will see a “Mapping Tool” button to proceed to the next step after a spreadsheet has been selected.


On the Mapping Tool page, the system will detect the columns from a user’s selected spreadsheet on the left under “Your Upload.” If keywords are detected, such as Phone or Email we will automatically associate that with the appropriate Kixie columns on the right. If we cannot detect a keyword (e.g. the customer spreadsheet column is “Customer”) then they will need to click the dropdown on the right to explicitly state which property to map to (e.g. “Customer” will need to be mapped to “First Name”)


PowerList - Defer contacts not in target timezone

We made optimizations to PowerList deferring contacts sooner outside of the target timezone. This will prevent contacts from being deferred during a session instead of before they are attempted to be dialed.


PowerList Contacts - Add Columns

Added the following two columns to the PowerList contacts table:

  1. Connected 
  2. Answered


Update message in Delete PowerList Dialog

The verbiage when choosing to delete a PowerList has been updated to be more clear.

Updated dialog:

“Deleting this PowerList will prevent any deferred contacts from being dialed as part of this PowerList. This action cannot be reversed.

Are you sure you want to delete this PowerList?”


Add “Forward to PowerList” option to Status dropdown on PowerList Contacts page

Users can now select “Forward to PowerList” in the Status dropdown of the PowerList Contacts page to filter contacts for that Status.

Pipedrive & Salesforce Sync Improvements

Some backend improvements have been made to the Pipedrive and Salesforce integration with Kixie.


Dashboard Quality-of-Life Enhancements

Sort Agent Numbers at Top of Caller ID Dropdown

For Outbound Caller ID dropdowns in the dashboard, we are now sorting the list to show Agent phone numbers first, then IVRs and Groups, etc. This will make it easier to see and select Agent numbers as a priority over other number associations.


Show mm:ss for call duration column in Call History

On the Call History pages, we are now displaying the duration as MM:SS (minutes:seconds) instead of fractions of minutes.


Clicking Edit links opens modal without navigating away from current page

Previously, clicking a link in the Destination Name column under Manage → Numbers would navigate away from the Numbers page to open the edit modal for the destination. Now, the modal opens on the Numbers page so the user doesn’t lose their place.


All impacted pages/links:

  • Manage → Numbers → Destination Name
  • Cadence → Inflight Actions → Cadence Name
  • Cadence → Completed Actions → Cadence Name

Dashboard - Add Hyperlinks

We’ve added hyperlinks to various columns across the dashboard allowing users to navigate from one page to another or to open modals allowing for easier access to deeper functions/views:

  • Reporting > Agent Summary > Email - Navigate to Edit Agent page
  • Reporting > SMS Reporting > Email - Navigate to Edit Agent page
  • Reporting > Inbound Number Summary > Number - Display Edit Number Modal
  • Reporting > Dispositions > Email - Navigate to Edit Agent page
  • Reporting > Time Saved > Email - Navigate to Edit Agent page
  • Reporting > Queues > Queue Name - Display Edit Queue Modal
  • Reporting > Queues Live > Queue Name - Display Edit Queue Modal
  • My Profile/View Agent > Numbers > Number - Display Edit Number Modal
  • Manage > Team > Team Modal > Full Name - Navigate to Edit Agent page
  • Manage > Queues > Queue Modal > Members - Team - Display Edit Team Modal
  • Manage > PowerList > PowerList Modal > Members > Team - Display Edit Team Modal
  • Manage > Webhooks > URL - Open new tab and navigate to webhook URL

IVR business Hours now respect Queue & Ring Group Business hours

Previously, a call routed through an IVR to a Queue or Ring Group outside of the Queue or Ring Group's business hours would not trigger the Outside Hours rule for that Queue or Ring Group. This was because the call was inside the IVR business hours and would ignore the Queue or Ring Group business hours.

This has been improved where routing from an IVR to a Queue, Ring Group, etc, will respect that separate entities' business hours and properly result in the call triggering the Outside Hours action.


Business Snapshot

Snapshot Frontend Changes

  • Business Snapshot
    • We are no longer showing agents with 0% in the Agent Metrics section
  • Agent Snapshot
    • Changed the comparison metric for an agent to average instead of sum (this ensures the comparison for an agent to a specific team to be more accurate)
    • Added “Average” after the Agent name below the graph so it is more clear to the user


Business & Agent Snapshot refinements

The Business and Agent Snapshot pages have newly updated UI.


Business Snapshot agent names link to their Agent Snapshot Report

Now, clicking any agent shown in the Agent Report section of the Snapshot navigates directly to that specific agent’s Snapshot page for easy navigation when managers are reviewing team stats.

CRM Integration

Additional Data for Missed Calls in Hubspot

We have made an update to include new data for Missed Calls logged to Hubspot. The following data is now logged to Missed Calls:

  • “From Number” - NEW
  • “To Number” - NEW
  • “Direction” - existing
  • “Status” - existing

Automation & Webhooks

Updated error message for Automated SMS, Make a Call, and Send to Queue actions

We have updated numerous error messages associated with SMS and Call automations:


  • No Outbound SMS Number set for agent
  • Message body is empty
  • Incorrect/Empty Agent Email Address
  • Invalid Target Phone Number

Make a Call

  • Incorrect Event Name
  • Wrong BID/Apikey submitted
  • Incorrect Email Address
  • Invalid Phone Number
  • Incorrect Event Name

Sent to Queue

  • Wrong BID/Api Key
  • Incorrect Email Address
  • Invalid Target Phone Number
  • Incorrect Event Name
  • Incorrect Queue Id


Manage > Webhooks - Event column format update

The Event column on Manage → Webhooks formatting has been updated to be clearer and more uniform.

Previous: “startcall”

Updated: “Start Call”

Bug Fixes


Number Validation in Add Agent modal

When adding an agent via Manage → Agents, users were able to add unaccepted text in the outbound caller ID field without warning or error messaging. This has been updated to show an error, allowing the user to better understand what type of information is required to proceed.


Business Snapshot

Updated time zones for Business Snapshot to NOT use UTC

Previously, we were using UTC on the Business Snapshot which would sometimes show the wrong dates depending on time of day. This has been updated and we are now using the timezone configured for your account to show accurate dates.


Agent Metrics Improvement

In the Agent Metrics section of the Business Snapshot page, we were previously showing Below Average agents in the Above Average section. This has been adjusted.


PowerList Zoho Contact Display

In PowerList, some Zoho contacts were showing as “Private” instead of showing the proper contact information. This has been fixed.


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any specific questions about any of these new features, or to share your thoughts on how we can improve Kixie even more.