Salesforce Workflow: Log a Kixie Outcome to Send a Salesforce Email Template

Aldo Barbagiovanni Aldo Barbagiovanni


  • Salesforce CRM with access to workflow rules and email templates
  • This feature is only available for Kixie Professional level accounts, so if you would like to use this functionality and are on an Integrated membership please contact to upgrade!
  • Completion of the Setting up Salesforce for Kixie


You can use Kixie Call Outcomes to trigger automation in your CRM directly from the dialer. Logging an outcome from the Kixie dialer will create a Task that is associated with the Salesforce Lead or Contact object. The verbiage of the outcome will be included in the subject line of the newly created Task and will act as the trigger to kick off your Salesforce automation. You can create your own list of Kixie call outcomes from within the Kixie dashboard.

Once you've created your Kixie call outcomes, head over to your Salesforce "Process Automation" section and select "Workflow Actions", and then select "Workflow Rules" from the submenu. 



From there, name your workflow rule and then establish your trigger to kick off the automation. Since Kixie logs call outcomes as completed in tasks inside of Salesforce, select the "Task" object to base the workflow around, and then check "created" per the below reference.

For the Rule Criteria, select "Task: Subject" in the Field section, then "contains" for the Operator, and finally, input the verbiage of the Kixie outcome in the Value section, making sure not to leave a space at the end of the text. In the below example, the Kixie Outcome of "send email for demo" is being used to trigger this workflow.




Once the Salesforce trigger is established, the next step is to "Add Workflow Action" to your Workflow Rule. Select "New Email Alert" and Salesforce will take you to a separate area where you create the Email Alert (a dynamic email template that can be sent through automation).

See below screenshots for reference on setting up a new Email Alert. 


Finally, add this newly created Email Alert to your Kixie Call Outcomes Workflow Rule.


Recommended Use Cases and Ideas:

Your appointment setter calls a need, leaves a Kixie VM Drop, logs an outcome that triggers a Salesforce Email Alert, and then sends a Kixie SMS Template.