Salesforce Workflow: Auto-SMS and Auto-Call

Aldo Barbagiovanni Aldo Barbagiovanni


  • Salesforce CRM with access to workflow rules and "outbound messages" (webhook actions)
  • This feature is only available for Kixie Professional level accounts, so if you would like to use this functionality and are on an Integrated membership please contact to upgrade!
  • Zapier Starter plan or higher
  • Completion of the Setting up Salesforce for Kixie

Kixie Terminology:

Auto-SMS: Initiating an automatic text message (SMS) from the Salesforce record owner’s direct Kixie number to the Salesforce lead or contact’s phone number. Auto-SMS messages can include property token variables such as lead/contact’s first name, email address, Salesforce record owner's first name, etc.

Auto-Call: Initiating an automatic phone call from the Salesforce record owner’s Kixie Powercall dialer to the Salesforce lead or contact’s phone number. You are able to create a label that will appear on the Kixie Powercall dialer to indicate to your agent what event has prompted this automatic phone call.


To set up auto-calling and auto-SMS, start by creating a Salesforce "Workflow Rule" where the action step ends in an Outbound Message (i.e. a webhook). 

The endpoint URL that you specify within the outbound message is going to be generated in Zapier. Make a Zap where the trigger is Webhooks by Zapier (POST catch hook). Copy the generated webhook URL into the Salesforce outbound message endpoint URL.

Next step in Zapier is to find the record owner's email by using Zapier's Salesforce: Find Record action. The record owner's Lead ID will be provided in the webhook data, which you can use to find the rest of their information, including email.

In your Zap, the action step is Kixie: make a call or send an SMS.

Here's what the Auto-Call actions look like in Zapier:


Here's what the Auto-SMS actions look like in Zapier:


Recommended Use Cases and Ideas:

  • when a Salesforce lead/contact owner is assigned, send an introductory auto-SMS from the owner
  • when a lead/contact opens a particular marketing email, delay two minutes then send an auto-SMS 
  • when a call outcome (call disposition) is logged (which you can do from the Kixie PowerCall), send an email AND webhook to Zapier to send an auto-SMS telling the lead to check their email
    • then in a separate Salesforce workflow: if/when they open that email, delay 5 minutes and then do an Auto-Call
  • Other Great Use Casessee here for non-Salesforce use cases for Auto-SMS and Auto-Call
    • example: an email campaign open in ActiveCampaign or Drip leading to an Auto-SMS from Kixie

*see here for best practices to maximize the deliverability of the SMS messages you are sending

Please note: The auto-SMS feature is not meant to be an SMS blast tool. Instead, it is meant to be a targeted approach to sending relevant texts to customers at exactly the right times - automatically and reliably.

Enabling Kixie's Salesforce Workflow Automation:

Please contact your account manager directly and/or contact, or call Kixie Professional Customer Support at + 14248003330 to enable your API key for automations to work.