Removing CTI (Vonage, RingCentral, etc...) from SalesForce

Daniel Lovig Daniel Lovig

What is a CTI and why it is important

CTI, which stands for Computer Telephony Integration, is a common name for any technology that allows interactions on a telephone and a computer to be integrated or coordinated. The term is predominantly used to describe desktop-based interaction for helping users be more efficient, though it can also refer to server-based functionality such as automatic call routing.

Service providers such as Vonage and RingCentral utilize a CTI to integrate with SalesForce. This CTI MUST be removed from SalesForce in order for Kixie Click-to-Call to work within SalesForce. However, certain providers such as RingCentral do not automatically remove the CTI when uninstalling the "app package". This will require a manual update of the default soft phone and removal of the CTI.

How to remove CTI in Salesforce

  1. From the SF Home Page, click on the “Setup” link in the top right hand corner.Uninstall-Vonage-Connect-Salesforce.pdf_-_Google_Chrome_2020-03-26_15.11.41.png
  2. In the “Quick Find / Search” bar on the left, type in “SoftPhone Layouts” and then
    click on the “Softphone Layouts” link that appears under Build > Customize > Call Center>SoftPhone Layouts.                    Uninstall-Vonage-Connect-Salesforce.pdf_-_Google_Chrome_2020-03-26_15.13.58.png
  3. On the SoftPhone Layouts page, click on the “Edit” action next to the “Default
    Softphone” layout.Uninstall-Vonage-Connect-Salesforce.pdf_-_Google_Chrome_2020-03-26_15.17.04.png
  4. On the SoftPhone Layout Edit page for the Default Softphone, check the “Is
    Default Layout” box, and then press “Save”. If a Default Softphone layout is not
    present, click “New” to create one and save it as the Default layout. Uninstall-Vonage-Connect-Salesforce.pdf_-_Google_Chrome_2020-03-26_15.23.00.png
  5. In the “Quick Find / Search” bar on the left, type in “Installed Packages” and then
    click on the “Installed Packages” link that appears under Build > Installed
    Packages                                                        Uninstall-Vonage-Connect-Salesforce.pdf_-_Google_Chrome_2020-03-26_15.23.54.png
  6. Scroll down to the “Vonage Connect” package, and click on the “Uninstall” link.Uninstall-Vonage-Connect-Salesforce.pdf_-_Google_Chrome_2020-03-26_15.24.54.png
  7. On the “Uninstalling a Package” page that appears, scroll down to the bottom
    and check the following options:
    a. “Do not save a copy of this package’s data after uninstall”
    i. Click on “OK” when the warning pops up              Uninstall-Vonage-Connect-Salesforce.pdf_-_Google_Chrome_2020-03-26_15.25.42.png

         b. “Yes, I want to uninstall this package and permanently delete all
              associated components”
         c. Then, press the “Uninstall” button at the bottom of the page



The package will take a few minutes to uninstall, and should be displayed in an
uninstalled packages section at the bottom of the page when the uninstall is