Setting up Salesforce for Call Dispositions

Alex Mann Alex Mann

To set up Salesforce to log call dispositions through Kixie, make sure you have at least the Salesforce Professional edition with API integration, otherwise Kixie's integration with Salesforce will not work. 

Once you do the following setup, your Kixie call dispositions will log as completed tasks (type: Disposition) in Salesforce.


1. Go to Setup, and do a quick search for Activity Custom Fields

  • if you can't find "Activity Custom Fields" inside "Lightning View", then switch to "Classic View"

2. Click "new"

3. Under data type, select "text", and click next.

4. For "Field Label", type in CallDispose. This will auto-populate the "Field Name" as well with the same CallDispose, which is what we want.

5. For "Length", type in 100, and click next. 

6. Make sure that the user types that represent your agents that will be logging dispositions are set to "Visible" and not "Read-Only.

7. Click next and click save.

The end result should look like this:


1. In Setup, do a quick search for task fields.

2. Click on "Type".

3. Click "new"

4. In the text box, write Disposition, and click save (shown below).

Now, when your reps log dispositions from their Kixie PowerCall, they will log and display as completed activities in Salesforce.