Pipedrive Activity Type Setup for Kixie

Beaujean Betouliere Beaujean Betouliere

Adding the following activity types to Pipedrive will ensure a proper Kixie-Pipedrive integration. The following steps require Pipedrive admin access to complete. Individual users do not need to take these steps.

Outcome of Completing these Steps:

    • SMS messages will log into Pipedrive
    • Call Outcomes (Dispositions) will log as Activities, as opposed to Notes
    • Kixie calls will log distinctly, enabling better Pipedrive reporting

1. Pipedrive SMS Activity Types

In order for Kixie to log your SMS messages into Pipedrive, it is necessary to add the following activity types inside Activity Types Manager:

  • sms (case sensitive, type Bubble)
  • sms outgoing (case sensitive, type Bubble)
  • sms incoming (case sensitive, type Bubble)


2. Pipedrive Call Activity Types

By default, Kixie will automatically log a completed Call (activity type “Call”), but adding the following two new Call activity types inside Activity Types Manager is highly recommended to enable better reporting:

  • Answered Call (case sensitive, type Call)
  • Missed Call (case sensitive, type Call)

Once you add these two activity types, Kixie will automatically sync your calls accordingly as either of these two types, Answered or Missed Call. We recommend this because it avoids the issue of manually completed Call activities (for instance, manually completing a scheduled Call activity) from introducing double-logging into your Pipedrive Statistics. 



3. Pipedrive Disposition Activity Type

In order for Kixie to log your call dispositions (call outcomes) into Pipedrive as activities, it is necessary to add the following activity type "disposition" inside Activity Types Manager. You may choose any activity type icon that you prefer.


See here for more information on call dispositions and how they can open up the possibility for time-saving automations and automatic list-filtering.