What is the difference between the Call Summary and the Call Transcription?

The Call Summary opens first when viewing Conversation Intelligence data for a call. This tab provides at-a-glance information about a given call including an AI generated Call Summary that provides a brief synopsis of the call without needing to view the entire transcription. Additionally, there is information about the Conversation Strength, which is determined by a number of factors including:

  • Sentiment analysis of language used on the call
  • Phrases/Questions used by the agent on the call
  • Keywords used by the agent on the call

The Full Transcription tab differs from Call Summary in that it provides the full details of a call along with playback controls to listen to the phone call, as well a full text transcript of the phone call separated by speaker.

The call recording and the text transcription of the call are both downloadable from this tab for offline review.


What is the difference between Phrases/Questions and Keywords?

Phrases/Questions are longer messages or statements you can setup as guidelines for your agents to use on calls. Keywords are single words for agents to use on calls.

An example of a Phrase/Question to use might be your company slogan or greeting, or a specific promotion you're running at a given time.

An example of a Keyword to use might be the name of a specific product you offer.


How do I setup Phrases/Questions and Keywords?

To setup Phrases/Questions and/or Keywords, follow these instructions on the Kixie dashboard:

  • Click Manage
  • Click Account Settings
  • Click "Edit All" at the top-right of the page
  • Click "Conversation Intelligence"

To add a Phrase/Question or Keyword, click the + icon at the bottom of the respective list. To edit an existing Phrase or Keyword, click the pencil icon. To delete, click the trash icon.

More information can be found in the Conversation Intelligence article here.


What do the Stats in the Call Summary indicate?

The Stats section of the Call Summary tab indicate the following:

  • Agent Monologue - the longest continuous duration the agent spoke on the call
  • Customer Story - the longest continuous duration the customer spoke on the call
  • Patience - the length of time the agent waited before speaking after the customer finished speaking on the call
  • Sentiment - the overall sentiment of the phone call, either Positive, Negative, or Neutral


How is the Sentiment of a call determined?

The Sentiment of phone calls is determined using a natural language processing AI model that understands the sentiment of words and phrases used by the agent and customer on a phone call.

The overall Sentiment of a call can be seen in the Stats section of the Call Summary tab at the bottom-right.

A breakdown of the Sentiment throughout the duration of a call can be seen on the Full Transcription tab at the bottom of the modal. This indicates where Sentiment is detected as being neutral, positive, or negative as the call progresses.


What playback control options do I have while viewing the Call Transcription?

On the Full Transcription tab, playback tools for listening to the call audio include the following:

  • Playback speed
    • Click to select 0.5, 0.75, 1 (default), 1.5, or 2x speed for the audio playback
  • Skip back
    • Click to skip back 10 seconds in the call audio
  • Play/Pause
    • Click to play or pause the call audio
  • Skip ahead
    • Click to skip ahead 10 seconds in the call audio
  • Volume slider
    • Click and drag the slider to lower or raise the call audio volume
  • Download
    • Click the play button to open an mp3 of the call audio in a new tab, right click the play button and select "Save Link As" to save the mp3 to your computer
    • Click the document icon to download a .csv file of the call transcript to your computer


How do I read the Sentiment Analysis section of the Call Transcription?

The Sentiment Analysis graph aligns with the call playback bar of the call audio. Follow the vertical red bar while playing back call audio to determine at which points in the conversation the sentiment either remained neutral or changed to positive (higher on the graph) or negative (lower on the graph)


Who can view the Conversation Intelligence information on calls?

By default, Managers and Admins on an account can view Conversation Intelligence for all agents with the CI product enabled. Any agent with the setting "Show Call Recordings" turned ON can access Conversation Intelligence data for their own calls when visiting My Profile > Reporting > Call History on the Kixie Dashboard.

As a manager, enable/disbale "Show Call Recordings" per agent by following these steps:

  • Click Manage on the Kixie dashboard
  • Click Agents
  • Find and select an agent, click their name
  • Click Edit Agent
  • Click the Manage tab on the modal that opens
  • Toggle "Show Call Recordings" either ON or OFF