Benefits of Conversation Intelligence

  • Identify if Agents are incorporating Key Phrases and Words in their conversations
  • Understand Agent behavior in terms of Sentiment and Listening
  • Understand the Customer Profile in terms of Sentiment
  • Identify Coaching Opportunities for Agents based on Dynamic Call Scoring 



How to enable Conversation Intelligence

Conversation Intelligence is a per-agent add-on. To get started, navigate to agent settings for a given member of your team, then flip ON “Conversation Intelligence.” Here are the steps:


  1. Navigate to the Kixie dashboard
  2. Click “Manage” in the sidebar
  3. Click “Agents” under “Manage”
  4. Find and click the pencil icon to the far right of an agent’s name
    1. Alternatively, click the agent’s name, then click “Edit Agent” next to their name on the next page
  5. Click the “Edit All” pencil icon at the top right
  6. Click the “Manage” tab
  7. Click the toggle next to “Conversation Intelligence”



Configure Conversation Intelligence settings

Once Conversation Intelligence has been enabled for your agent(s), you have the option to configure settings for how the product functions overall. You have access to settings like minimum duration for calls to start transcribing, which keywords and phrases you’d like to track, and what attributes of a call you’d like to contribute to the overall call score.


To navigate to Conversation Intelligence settings, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Kixie dashboard
  2. Click “Manage” in the sidebar
  3. Click “Account Settings” under “Manage”
  4. Click “Edit All”
  5. Click the “Conversation Intelligence” tab


There are a few options to review on this tab. The following is a breakdown of each section.


Call Strength Calculator

Call Strength is a number score applied to calls based on the selections here. Choose from Keywords, Phrases, and Call Sentiment to tailor the focus of Call Strength precisely to your needs. Choose all three to have all selections contribute to the Call Score, or deselect any of the selections that don’t apply to your business needs.


Minimum Call Duration (Minutes)

Enter a number in this field to dictate the minimum length, in minutes, a call needs to reach before a transcription will be applied to a given call. If your business needs dictate that only longer calls need deeper analysis, raise the number. To apply to more calls more frequently, lower the number.



Use this section to enter phrases or sentences your agents are expected to use on calls. Conversation Intelligence detects whether or not these phrases are used by your agents on calls, and will appear as either used or unused when viewing the details of an individual call. If you have Phrases selected in Call Strength Calculator, the call score will go up when phrases are used and go down when phrases are missed.


To add Phrases, click the + icon. To edit existing Phrases, click the pencil icon. To delete a Phrase, click the trash icon.



This section is similar to Phrases, but allows for single words to be monitored as opposed to longer phrases. The same details that apply to Phrases apply to Keywords. Use both to more granularly monitor the effectiveness of your agent’s calls.


To add Keywords, click the + icon. To edit existing Keywords, click the pencil icon. To delete a Keyword, click the trash icon.

Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 1.06.21 PM.png


Viewing Conversation Intelligence for a single call

Calls with Conversation Intelligence are marked with a waveform icon when viewing all calls on the Kixie dashboard. Click that icon to view more information about a given call.


On the modal that opens, there are two sections to view. One is the Call Summary and the other is the Full Transcription. The following is a breakdown of each section.


Call Summary

The Call Summary view is the default view that opens. In this view, you will find at-a-glance information about a call.


Call Details

Information about the name of the contact along with the date and time the call occurred. Below, the “Duration” shows the total duration along with the duration for the Customer and the Agent.


Call Summary

A succinct description of the details of the call conversation. This provides a higher level overview of what the call was about, allowing for quick access to overall information without diving into the full call transcription.



A checklist of which Phrases were detected as being used on the call. Phrases that were used are marked with a green check. Unused Phrases are marked with a red X.



Similar to Phrases. Keywords used on the call are marked with a green check. Unused Keywords are marked with a red X.


Call Strength

An indication of how strong or weak the call was overall. The higher the score, the more adherence to the selections made in the overall Conversation Intelligence settings and a stronger indicator of an exemplary call. The lower the score, the less adherence to your settings and a better indicator for coachable calls.



  • Agent Monologue - The longest duration the agent spoke on the call
  • Customer Story - The longest duration the contact spoke on the call
  • Patience - The length of time the agent waited before starting to speak after the contact was finished speaking
  • Sentiment - The overall sentiment of the call based on auto-recognized positive, negative, and neutral words




Full Transcription

In this view, you have access to the full conversation broken down by each speaker on the call. Use playback controls to listen to the full conversation and skip around to any point that needs more focus.


Playback controls

Use the playback speed, skip back, play/pause, and skip forward buttons while listening to a call.


Conversation waveform

The waveform underneath the playback controls lets you know how often and at which points in the conversation either the agent or the customer spoke. During playback, a red vertical line moves through the call. Click anywhere on the waveform to jump to that point in the conversation.


Call Transcription

The full call transcription is located underneath the waveform to the right. This is a scrollable list of the full call transcription. During playback, the portion currently playing will display as bolded text, allowing you to follow along as you listen.


Sentiment Analysis

Similar to the conversation waveform, the Sentiment Analysis shows at which points in the conversation the overall sentiment was either positive, negative, or neutral. If selected in Conversation Intelligence options, this will contribute to the overall Call Strength.


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