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The PowerDialer window is the interface where an agent would engage in PowerDialing sessions with their selected PowerList(s).

The Overview Tab


Queued = all phone numbers that can be called right now based on the "Max Attempts per Day" and "Minimum Duration Between Calls" settings of the selected PowerList(s)

Deferred = all phone numbers that cannot be called right now based on the "Max Attempts per Day" and "Minimum Duration Between Calls" settings of the selected PowerList(s)

Dialed, Answered, Connected and Talk Time refer to the Most Recent PowerDialing Session. These statistics will reset as soon as an agent selects "Start Dialing".

  • Dialed = the total number of dials in the most recent session
  • Answered = the total number of dials in the most recent session that were answered
  • Connected = the total number of dials that met the Connection duration as configured in your Kixie dashboard under Manage → Account → Connection Duration (seconds).
  • Talk Time = the total talk time incurred in the most recent session

The Session Tab


All PowerLists associated with an agent will appear within that agents' PowerDialing window under the Sessions tab, and the agent may select the PowerList(s) they would like to dial by checking the box(es) next to the PowerList(s), and click "Start Dialing" to begin PowerDialing.

If multiple PowerLists are selected, the PowerDialer will rotate evenly from one PowerList to the next in its sequence of dials.

Once engaged in a PowerDialing session, the agent may pause/resume or end the current session.

Reserved Contacts are the next set of phone numbers that will be dialed after the current call has been completed.

  • "Need Outcome" status is an indicator that the agent must select an outcome disposition in the Outcome tab for their most recent call in order to continue PowerDialing.

The Outcome Tab


In the Outcome tab, the Current Call Info will display to the agent as soon as the call is answered, and will provide the agent with instantly-accessible contextual caller information as well as actions:

"Contact" provides instantly-accessible information about the prospect as soon as they answer:

  • Name, Title, Company, Email
    • This information comes directly from your .csv file upload

"Next Call Refresher" information, which is editable and will persist on each PowerList call made to that phone number. When uploading your list, you may include "Next Call Refresher" information as the abilities to save a disposition and dial the next

"CRM Note" will push a Note into the associated lead/contact within the agent's connected CRM along with whatever outcome disposition is selected

"Do Not Call Sooner Than" will ensure that the phone number will remain "Deferred" until the date/time selected

"Outcome Disposition" dropdown allows the agent to select a disposition, which will trigger the dialing of the next number(s) in the PowerList. If "Must Disposition Calls" is OFF for the PowerList, then the agent may select "None" in order to proceed to dial the next number(s) in the PowerList.

"SMS Template" allows the agent to send a templated SMS message to the phone number that answered.