Once a PowerList has been uploaded, users can navigate to the View Contacts section of the PowerList to get an overview of the uploaded numbers.


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Manager/Admin Access

  1. Login to your dashboard
  2. Go to the Manage section.  
  3. Click on PowerList
  4. Scroll to the far right of the PowerList you want to view
  5. Click the [green] View Contacts icon. 


Agent (user) Access

  1. Login to your dashboard 
  2. Go to My Profile
  3. Click on My PowerLists 
  4. Scroll to the far right of the PowerList you want to view 
  5. Click the [green] View Contacts icon. 

On the Contacts page, you will find the following sections: 

  1. Summary Count
  2. PowerDialer Stats 
  3. The Contacts Table


Summary Count


Total: The total amount of phone numbers that have been uploaded to the PowerList. 

Queued: All phone numbers that can be called right now based on the Max Attempts per Day and Minimum Duration Between Calls settings of the selected PowerList(s). 

In Progress: Total number of contacts in this PowerList that are Dialing, Reserved, or Answered Waiting for Outcome. 

Deferred: All phone numbers that cannot be called right now based on the Max Attempts per Day and Minimum Duration Between Calls settings of the selected PowerList(s). 

Removed: The total amount of contacts that have been removed from the PowerList after its initial upload. There are a few ways a contact can be removed from a PowerList:

  1. The phone number reaches the set limit of Max Total Attempts before Removal
  2. Disposition Rules. For example, [Disposition - Bad Number] > [Action - Remove from PowerList]
  3. Agents manually removing contacts. This can be done by accessing View Contacts, locating the specific number, and clicking the red trash button to remove it.


Powerdialer Stats


Dialed: Number of contacts Dialed from this PowerList by all agents across their PowerDialer sessions. 

Answered: Number of contacts answered by all agents across all PowerDialer sessions. It includes instances where a call is actually answered by a recipient as well as instances when the call goes to voicemail - both scenarios are considered as answered events.

Connected: The number of calls that reached the account’s set Connection Duration. 

  • You can access this information by navigating to Manage > Account Settings > Edit All > Options > Connection Duration.

Talk Time: The total talk time by the agents during their PowerDialer session. 


Contacts Table

Phone Number: The phone number of the contact uploaded 

Status: The status of the phone number - Queued, Deferred, Reserved, Answered Waiting For Outcome, Max Attempts Reached. 

  • Reserved: When a contact is marked as "reserved," it means it has been set aside for either a call or to be added to the queue.
  • Answered Waiting For Outcome: Refers to the calls that have been answered, but the outcome/disposition of the call is still pending. 

Last Dial Outcome: The Disposition/Outcome submitted for that phone number 

Deferred Reason: Indicates the reason for transferring the phone number from the Queue to the Deferred category, which includes phone numbers that are temporarily unable to be called. This is based on: 

  • Maximum Attempts per Day Reached: The phone number has reached the maximum number of call attempts allowed for that day. 
  • Minimum Duration Between Calls Applied: The phone number is between the time interval that must pass before the same phone number on the list can be called again. 
  • Target/PowerList Hours Applied: The phone number is outside the specified business target hours. 

Target Time Zone: Indicates the geographical time zone of the phone number uploaded - this is determined based on the area codes associated with the phone numbers. 

Attempt Count: The total number of times a specific phone number from the PowerList has been dialed. 

Last Attempted Date: Refers to the most recent date and time when a phone number was dialed by an agent 

Retry After Date: The date and time after which a contact on the PowerList becomes eligible for another call attempt. This takes into consideration specific rules set within the PowerList, such as previous call attempts, and minimum duration between calls. 

Date Added: The date and time when a contact's phone number was included in the PowerList