Setting up and using SMS Templates

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With SMS Templates on the Professional plan, you can auto-populate and personalize SMS messages to your prospects, then edit as needed before sending. In order to use SMS, you must first have an SMS number.

Video Walkthrough

Watch the video below for a video walkthrough of setting up and using SMS Templates.



SMS Templates FAQs

How do I create an SMS Template

  1. Go to the Kixie Dashboard
  2. Click My Profile
  3. Click Agent Settings
  4. Click SMS Templates
  5. On the SMS Templates page, click Add New
  6. On the modal that opens:
    • Enter a Name
    • Enter a templated message in the Template field
      • Note: 512 is the character limit for message templates 
      • Note: If your CRM is connected and supports enhanced fields, you will see a list of fields at the right to select from and use in your template.
    • When finished, Click Save

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How do I use SMS Templates?

  1. Open Kixie PowerCall
  2. Click the Send SMS tab at the bottom of the window
  3. Confirm a number has populated -or- enter/select a number in the To field
  4. Click the SMS Templates dropdown at the bottom of the dialog
    • Note: If your SMS Templates aren't showing or updating, try refreshing the extension via the Options menu (top right)
  5. Click to select your SMS template
  6. The template auto-populates in the message field
  7. Make any edits needed or desired
  8. When ready, click Send


When does it make sense for me to use SMS templates?

If you find that you are sending the same message over and over to customers via SMS (e.g. "Hey, please call me back when you get the chance at..." or "Sorry, I can't talk right now..."), then you would benefit from SMS templates.


How do I get a person's name into my SMS template?

Kixie offers personalization tags for first name, last name, and a number of other fields synced to your company's CRM. An example for how to include your contact's name:

  • First name: Type [fname] in your template
  • Last name: Type [lname] in your template
  • Additionally, you can use the custom field selection in the Add/Edit modal for SMS Templates and click to select a custom property to add to your template

Note: When clicking to enter an SMS Template in Kixie, you will see these shorthands update in real time. If they don't update, they will continue to appear as [fname] (or similar) and these will be sent in that format to your contact. Please double-check that the shorthand has updated before sending your message

How do I avoid my contacts and customers blocking my texts?

  1. Avoid using link shorteners like or tiny.url, since receiver carriers tend to block them
  2. Avoid sending the exact same message repeatedly. Include the person's name in your message to add personalization
  3. Avoid sending texts over 160 characters
  4. Avoid sending more than 200 texts per day to a given mobile carrier
  5. View more best practice tips here

How can I get my manager to setup auto-SMS?

It might make more sense to automate the sending of certain SMS templates, instead.

As soon as a lead enters the CRM and gets assigned to me → auto-send a welcome text from me, so I don't have to think about it

Ask your manager about setting up Auto-SMS. You may be able to think of plenty of other use cases as well!

More info on auto-sms (and auto-call) here