CRM Properties: Import Custom Properties from Your CRM

Elliot Trinidad Elliot Trinidad

Kixie can import the custom properties from various CRMs. Follow the steps below to establish these properties on your Kixie account and make them available for use in features such as SMS Templates and CRM PowerLists.


Get CRM Properties

Note that these steps must be performed by an Admin or Manager on your Kixie account.

  1. On your Kixie Dashboard, go to Manage > Account Settings.
  2. Click on Edit All (the pencil icon in the top right).
  3. Select the CRM Properties tab.
  4. On the dropdown menu titled 'CRM', select your CRM of choice.
  5. Click on 'Get CRM Properties'.
  6. Your CRM properties should now populate in the section below. If they do not, please review any Integration Setup steps for your CRM.

    CRM Properties

  7. Next, click on the checkboxes to select the CRM Properties you want to import.
    • You can Select All by clicking on the checkbox in the top-left corner of the table.
    • You can use the Search bar to find specific properties, and you can click on the table headers to sort them alphabetically.
  8. Click on the 'Phone' checkbox for any properties that are a phone number.
    • For example, a property called "Office Phone" or "Alt Number" should probably be tagged using the 'Phone' checkbox.
  9. Finally, click Save.