The Kixie Zapier integration offers a flexible solution to automatically place a phone call or sms from a triggered  workflow.


Requesting Access

1. To request access to the Kixie Zapier integration, please contact your Kixie Account Manager or email .

2. After contacting Kixie support, they will provide your businessID and Kixie API authorization token for use with the Kixie Zapier integration.


Zapier Workflow Setup Instructions

  1. Make a free account at
  2. Add the Kixie Action to your existing Zapier workflow.
  3. In “My Apps” select “Add connection” if they do not already have their Kixie Account connected.
    • When prompted to do so, have the user enter their Kixie BID and API Key
    • Note: Make sure to choose the version Kixie 1.1.0
  4. Pick an Action (Call or SMS)




AutoCall Setup

  • Kixie User Email Address
  • Target phone number
  • Action Type (No need to change at this time - defaulted to call)
    • Ring group dialing is not currently available through this method but will be shortly

AutSMS Setup

  • Kixie User Email Address
  • Target Phone Number
  • SMS Message
  • Country Code of Target Phone Number (Currently defaulted to US)



Test and Continue



For more information about our LeadCaller, please contact your Account Manager or request information from We are happy to walk you through this!