How To Set Up Kixie Auto-SMS with HubSpot Form Submissions

Ryan Frizelle Ryan Frizelle

Setting up form submissions with Kixie Auto-SMS is ridiculously easy and can significantly boost conversion rates. Using a simple HubSpot workflow, all you need to do is create a trigger for your form submission and set the action as Kixie Auto-SMS. Take out the manual work of texting new leads while sending an instant, perfect message every time. 

Video Walkthrough

Follow the steps in this video to get started with Kixie Auto-SMS:



Other Form Submission Automation Examples

Here are some other examples of automation you can setup using HubSpot workflows with Kixie:

  • Speed to lead: send an auto-call prompt to the next available member of a team after form submission
  • Send an auto-call prompt to the contact owner after form submission
  • Add a number from a form submission to a Powerlist for continuous structured follow-up calls 
  • Send an auto-sms through a shared main number (Team SMS inbox)

Auto-SMS With a Shared Team SMS Number (Optional)

Kixie also offers the convenient feature of sending auto-SMS using a shared phone number that can be utilized by multiple team members. For more information on setting up a Team SMS inbox, click here.


Kixie's automated SMS capabilities with HubSpot form submissions offer an exciting way to stay connected, engage customers, and make your business shine. By automating your text messages, you can save time, personalize interactions, and boost customer satisfaction. So, why not harness the power of automated SMS with Kixie and take your customer communication to the next level? Get started today and watch your business thrive!