Set Up Auto-SMS with HubSpot Email Opens

Ryan Frizelle Ryan Frizelle

Easily and automatically initiate a call through Kixie based on your emails being opened through Hubspot! In this article, we'll explore how Kixie's auto-sms feature can help you engage with customers and increase your connection rates.

Video Walkthrough

Follow the instructions in this video to get started with auto-SMS using Kixie and your HubSpot account: 


Other Email Open Automation Examples

Here are some other examples of automation you can setup using HubSpot workflows with Kixie:

  • Speed to lead: send an auto-call prompt to the next available member of a team after an email is opened
  • Send an auto-call prompt to the contact owner after an email is opened
  • Send an auto-sms through a shared main number (Team SMS inbox)