Kixie Connect: Using your cell phone or existing phone service with Kixie

Daniel Lovig Daniel Lovig

Kixie Connect lets you adjust your dialing device to an external phone number  (like your cellphone or desk phone).

This is very useful when you want to place a call using click-to-dial but don't have an ideal WiFi connection; or you simply prefer to use a certain non-Kixie device to make calls, and still want to be able to utilize voicemail drops and sms templates with Kixie.

What is a Dialing Device?

  • A dialing device is the device through which Kixie will place the call whenever you click-to-call () or click Start Call on the Kixie PowerCall.
  • Your Dialing Device can be set inside the Kixie PowerCall settings->Set Dialing Device.
    • By default, the dialing device is the Kixie PowerCall itself.
    • However, you can also set your dialing device to
      • your Kixie-provisioned deskphone or
      • an external phone number like your cellphone (Kixie Connect)

How to Set Your Dialing Device?


Adding a New External Device/Cell Phone as a Forwarding Number to Your Agent Account

    1. Inside the dashboard, go to My Profile > Devices & Routing > Forward Devices, and click Add Number to add a call forwarding device.Screen_Shot_2021-03-19_at_3.41.03_PM.png
    2. In order to ensure that your inbound calls also route to your cellphone, which is likely what you want since you just switched your dialing device to your cell:
      • Navigate to Inbound Call Flow, and turn on Forward Call to your cell, and turn Enable Announce Call ON.
    3. Click Save to save your changes

What happens when I change my Dialing device to an external number, and place a call?

  1. Kixie rings your external number.
  2. You pick up the phone and you'll hear it dialing out to the number you are calling. Always pickup, because if you reject it outright, it'll connect with your voicemail and then send the call out (awkward). Also note: if you double-click the Kixie call icon, it will send two calls out to the number.
  3. Kixie automatically logs the call with a recording, like it normally does.
  4. Note: This call is technically a "2-leg" call, meaning you will be charged double the normal amount of minutes for calls using Kixie connect. (If you are on an Unlimited plan, this does not apply to calls covered by an Unlimited plan.)

If you run into any issues or have any questions, please contact