Setting your Country Code for Outbound Dialing

Daniel Lovig Daniel Lovig

Your "Country Code" for Outbound Dialing

Using your primary "Country Code" that you've set in your Kixie PowerCall as a guide, Kixie PowerCall will be able to recognize a wide range of phone numbers in various formats for that country, so you don't have to have the full country code included in the number in order to dial it. 

Thus, it is recommended to set your Country Code to the country that you dial the most.

For any other country you try to dial, the number must contain the country code in order for Kixie to interpret it as a valid phone number (e164 format, with or without a "+").


Country Code is set to "United Kingdom":

  • 02038684554 is recognized as a valid phone number

Country Code is set to "United States":

  • 02038684554 is not recognized as a valid number.
  • Only 442038684554 (or +442038684554) is recognized as a valid phone number.

To change your Country Code

1. Inside your Kixie Power Dialer, press the menu button (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner to access your Settings.

2. Click on User Settings.

3. Underneath Country, use the drop down to select your default Country Code. 


4. Press Update User after you select your default Country.

5. Done!