Kixie ConnectionBoost is a dynamic feature to help your sales reps connect with more leads and close more deals. Sales teams on average connect with 500% more leads utilizing this feature. Simply put, your leads will answer the phone more often and your sales reps will be able to call more frequently. It is composed of 3 core functions. 

Kixie ConnectionBoost provides your team advanced AI and machine learning to increase your answer rate by dynamically selecting a phone number from an available pool of over 50,000 numbers that will most likely be answered by the customer. 

Note: Kixie ConnectionBoost is an available add-on to the Professional Tier. Please contact your sales rep or email us at for detailed pricing. 

  • Local Presence Dialing
    • Shows real local numbers on caller ID that work when called back = improved connection rates and answer rates
  • Progressive Caller ID
    • Automatically rotate caller ID numbers between a pool of numbers on each call = overcoming call-screening and allowing your sales team to dial more frequently 
  • AI-Powered Spam Protection
    • Detects and removes numbers with relatively low connection rates = minimizes your numbers getting marked as spam